Sweet Tooth’s New Trailer Shows Anything But an Ordinary World

Sweet Tooth’s New Trailer Shows Anything But an Ordinary World

Come for the deer child, stay for the soulful Duran Duran cover. The new trailer for Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is here and much like the first one, it shows a unique, lush, post-apocalyptic comic book world. Beyond that, this latest trailer focuses on the show’s bigger picture, some of its key relationships, and lots of emotion.

Based on the 2009 DC Comic series written and drawn by Jeff Lemire, Sweet Tooth debuts on Netflix June 4.

Its biggest names are producers Susan Downey and Robert Downey Jr., who has been in a film or two, but they’re merely on board to facilitate this story of a young hybrid child named Gus (Christian Convery), who is sheltered from a declining society by his dad (Will Forte) before joining up with a mysterious stranger named Tommy (Nonso Anozie). Check out the full scope in the new trailer for Sweet Tooth.

I was enjoying this trailer, but when the “Ordinary World” cover hit, things just got kicked up a notch. It went from “Oh, this looks like a pretty interesting story” to “Holy crap, am I actually going to cry because of a trailer?” I didn’t, thankfully. It’s Monday morning and tears because of a Netflix trailer probably wouldn’t be a great way to start the week.

But come June 4, it seems more than likely the relationship between Gus and Tommy, as well as all these other characters, will probably start up the waterworks.