Hisense TVs 2021: Every Affordable 8K and Mini-LED Coming to Australia

Hisense TVs 2021: Every Affordable 8K and Mini-LED Coming to Australia

Hisense has announced its 2021 range of televisions with new UHD, ULED and Mini-LED screens on sale at reasonable price points.

Hisense is often referred to as ‘the people’s brand’ because it makes premium technologies affordable for everyone. This point stands with Hisense’s 2021 range of TVs which provide the latest in television technologies, including Mini-LED, in a range of sizes and prices to suit everyone.

Hisense 2021 TV range: Specs

This year, Hisense has introduced some new features across its entire 2021 range in an effort to make new technologies standard.

This includes a new Game Mode which is a big priority for television manufacturers after the release of next-gen consoles. Hisense’s Game Mode features variable refresh rates and auto low latency mode to enhance smoothness and reduce lag while gaming.

All the new tellies are also touting a new anti-glare screen which is said to block 98.5 per cent of glare along with a built-in Google Assistant.

hisense uled tv 2021
Image: Hisense

The 2021 range includes a new UHD A7G Smart TV which is Hisense’s entry-level screen. It features a wide colour gamut, Dolby Vision and Atmos and 100 SMR. It’s also available in a huge variety of sizes ranging from 43 inches to 98 inches.

The next step up is Hisense’s ULED models all of which are 4K and include quantum dot colour, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, full-array local dimming and smooth picture rate.

The U7G and the U8G are the new ULEDs hitting Australia this year which range in size from 55 inches to 85 inches. The models are fairly similar however the U8G features the additions of full-array local dimming pro and 200 SMR, while the U7G sticks with 100 SMR.

According to Hisense the U8G has HDMI 2.1 ‘features’, however, it does not have the physical port. This means that it will only have a variable refresh rate of 4K / 60Hz, not 4K / 120Hz.

Moving up from there we have the first Hisense 8K television to hit the Australian market. The U80G features all the good things like quantum dot colour, Dolby vision and atmos and game mode but has the added benefit of AI-powered 8K upscaling to enhance all those lower-res images while we wait for native 8K content.

Rounding out this year’s range is Hisense’s flagship Mini-LED model. Mini-LED is the latest and greatest in television technology and includes huge clusters of tiny LED lights to create more accurate colours and an insane 2000 nits of brightness.

Hisense’s Mini-LED TV’s include the 8K U90G which comes in 75-inches only and the 4K Mini-LED U9G, although the latter is still to be confirmed for the Australian market.

Both of the 8K TVs also move to the Android TV operating system rather than Hisense’s VIDAA OS which is featured on the rest of the range.

Hisense 2021 TVs: Australian prices

hisense 2021 tv uhd
Image: Hisense

So, do all of Hisense’s premium new televisions come with an affordable price tag?

Here’s a breakdown of the regular retail prices:

  • U90G 8K Mini-LED (75-inch) – $7,999
  • U80G ULED 8K (65-inch) – $4,999
  • U80G ULED 8K (75-inch) – $6,999
  • U80G ULED 8K (85-inch) – $9,999
  • U8G ULED (55-inch) – $1,799
  • U8G ULED (65-inch) – $2,499
  • U8G ULED (75-inch) – $3,299
  • U8G ULED (85-inch) – $5,499
  • U7G ULED (55-inch) – $1,599
  • U7G ULED (65-inch) – $1,999
  • U7G ULED (75-inch) – $2,999
  • A7G UHD (43-inch) – $899
  • A7G UHD (50-inch) – $999
  • A7G UHD (55-inch) – $1,099
  • A7G UHD (65-inch) – $1,499
  • A7G UHD (75-inch) – $2,299
  • A7G UHD (85-inch) – $3,499

Hisense 2021 TVs will hit Aussie retailers from June and you can see detailed specs over on Hisense’s website.

This story has been updated to include a recent clarification from Hisense around the HDMI 2.1 ‘features’  of the U8G that were not provided when this article first published. 

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