Little Tikes Is Roasting Parents With a ‘Peloton’ for Kids

Little Tikes Is Roasting Parents With a ‘Peloton’ for Kids

Kids like to feel like grown-ups and in the pandemic, the grown-ups were all pedalling away on their Pelotons. So of course, now Little Tikes has made a Peloton-like stationary bike for kids called… Pelican.

Technically, the whole name is Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle, and according to ToyBook, it’ll be available at Target from July. The Pelican has a built-in stand to hold a tablet, a Bluetooth speaker to play music (Is Kidz Bop still a thing?), and even adjustable resistance settings. The absolute kicker? Little Tikes has also uploaded a small library of videos to YouTube for kids to watch while pedalling. The videos, dubbed “Pelican Bikes Ride” feature hype “Pelican” instructors who sneak in some educational content while the kiddos furiously pedal. One inexplicably has a Dino instructor taking you through the snowy mountains, while the other videos stick to humans taking kids through other scenic locales — including one with cows. It’s not quite the same as watching Cody Rigsby do his thing, but you know what, a motivational Aussie dino pointing out random animated animals in the tundra is pretty on the mark.

Little Tykes is not the only company out here skewering parents with a “Peloton for Kids.” Fisher-Price also has the “Think & Learn Smart Cycle”, which was first introduced at CES 2017. It’s a similar concept, with Bluetooth compatibility to stream content via a tablet in an adjustable holder. Back when Fisher-Price’s version launched, the whole thing caused a bit of a stir, with some criticising the device as prepping future generations for a Black Mirror-esque life. As for why Little Tikes is jumping on the bandwagon now, it’s likely the at-home fitness craze and Peloton’s meteoric rise has something to do with it.

On the one hand, this is a cute way for kids and parents to do something together while making sure the little ones stay away from potentially dangerous exercise equipment. (Peloton’s Tread+ was recently recalled after several children were injured, with one dying.) On the other, it’s also a brutal roast of the silly things adults do. Nothing like a grown man telling kids to “Keep pedalling squad” to throw our life choices into perspective.

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