Titans’ Season 3 Trailer Wants You to Know True Fear

Titans’ Season 3 Trailer Wants You to Know True Fear

At the end of Titans’ second season, the team ended up splitting ways after losing one of their own, and it wasn’t clear if and how the heroes might all come back into one another’s orbit. But when word first broke that the show’s third season would tackle Batman: A Death in the Family by introducing the Red Hood, it seemed pretty clear that the team’s reunion would come by way of tragedy.

The latest trailer for Titans’ third season spells it all out quite clearly for those not familiar with the comics in which Jason Todd goes from being the second Robin to becoming the Red Hood. Despite everyone on Titans being generally aware of Jason’s propensity for biting off a bit more than he could chew, the team all seem stunned to learn of Jason’s sudden demise at the Joker’s hands, an event that brings Dick Grayson and the newest group of Titans back to Gotham.

The shock of Jason’s death apparently makes it impossible for everyone to deduce who Gotham’s newest vigilante, the Red Hood, might be, but it seems safe to assume that there are enough other things going on in the show to keep everyone somewhat ignorant of the obvious truth staring them in the face.

Though it doesn’t get any real mention in the trailer, Starfire’s new costume and the brief glimpses of her being trapped in some sort of hospital suggest that Titans’ third season will also follow up on her storyline about the impending Tamaranian invasion of Earth. Given how Titans has a track record of now always managing to manage all of its interconnected character arcs, though, there’s no way of knowing how the season’s story as a whole is going to shape up.

Titans’ third season hits HBO Max in the U.S. on August 12. Stay tuned for an Australian release date.

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