A Corvette Owner Took One Last Drive Before Selling His Car, And Promptly Crashed

A Corvette Owner Took One Last Drive Before Selling His Car, And Promptly Crashed

A driver in Greenville, North Carolina who was planning on selling his Corvette the very next day lost control of the car and drove off the highway. The driver, Spencer Everette, told a local news outlet, WITN, he had just gone out for “one last hurrah.”

That last drive didn’t turn out so well for Everette, after he “gunned it” and slid the 2020 Chevy Corvette right off the road and into a ditch, per WITN.

The report doesn’t mention how much Everette had planned on making on the sale of his late-model ’Vette, but I imagine it was a good amount of money, given that the used car market is bonkers right now. His C8 Corvette is a 2020 model optioned with a high rear spoiler and a z51 performance package, per GMAuthority.

To top it all off, the North Carolina Highway Patrol gave Everette a ticket for reckless driving. Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, but, damn, if it doesn’t remind me of one of my own dumb and totally avoidable accidents.

When I was learning how to ride a motorcycle about a decade ago, I would take short laps in my neighbourhood to practice shifting. One day, I remember feeling I’d mastered the use of the clutch. I had been riding all afternoon, cycling through first, second and third gear on a Honda CB250, when I decided to stop. As I pulled into the garage, I thought “Aw, what the hell. I’ll take one last ride.

Yeah, I crashed. I lost traction on a gravel patch after I stopped paying attention and overestimated my progress. If I’d just put the bike away, I wouldn’t have wrecked. I learned to distrust “one last” anything that day.

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