Every New Apple Product You Can Expect In 2021

Every New Apple Product You Can Expect In 2021

Apple is a creature of habit and that means we can expect at least one big event featuring new products this year.

Typically around September (or October in the case of 2020), Apple holds a launch event for a new wave of products. Naturally, these gadgets stay heavily under wraps until the announcement, but thanks to a prevalence of online leaks and rumours nowadays, nothing is secret for long.

Only recently Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via 9to5 Mac) released a round-up of every product he expects Apple to launch at its next event. Pair this with Apple’s history, unannounced filings and what we know to be in development, and we can gain a pretty good idea of what’s coming down the pipe.

Here are all the new products we expect Apple to announce in 2021.

iPhone 13

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Image: Apple

This one is almost a no-brainer. Apple has released a new iteration of its smartphone every year since 2007 and 2021 should be no different.

Rumours about the iPhone 13 are abundant with most suggesting the new device will feature a faster A15 chip and a reduction of the notch at the top of the screen.

The 13 range is expected to bring four new devices, in very similar sizes and styles to the iPhone 12 line-up, with Mini and Pro models on offer. The camera is also expected to get a boost with portrait video mode, extra filters and LiDAR support.

Reports of the iPhone 13 featuring a bigger battery and reverse wireless charging would also be very welcome if true.

The iPhone 13 and Apple’s other new devices will also be running an updated OS, which for iPhone is iOS15. You can learn more about iOS 15 here and check out some of Apple’s new accessibility features.

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Apple Watch Series 7

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Image: Apple

Apple’s September event often brings a new iteration of the Apple Watch and we’ve already heard plenty of rumours about the Series 7.

This Apple Watch model is expected to have the biggest redesign since the jump from Series 3 to 4. Some renders of this new design have been released and it appears to take on a build with flatter sides and screen.

The display is also said to be getting an upgrade, potentially with a MicroLED panel, and it’s possible the battery will also be getting larger thanks to a smaller and more powerful processing chip.

In terms of new health features, it’s said Apple is working on a way to monitor blood sugar levels via the Watch, but whether this will be ready for the Series 7 range is undetermined.

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Image: iStock/CatLane

iPads are normally a staple alongside the new iPhone (although the new iPad Pro was released earlier this year). According to Mark Gurman, we can expect a new iPad Mini and iPad 9 in 2021.

The new iPad Mini (we’re up to 6 now), is said to feature another complete redesign and will have an A15 chip, USB-C port and Smart Connector.

A new ninth-generation iPad model is also expected which will be slimmer and faster than its predecessor.

New MacBooks

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Image: Apple

While it may not be introduced at the September event, it is likely we’ll see a new MacBook line before the year is through.

Last year’s lineup of Macs was a significant shift thanks to the introduction of the M1 chip. Apple’s in-house ARM processor has done incredible things for the MacBook lineup and the 2021 range will hopefully capitalise on that.

The new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro’s are said to be in mass production right now and will feature a new M1X chip. To fit in with the rumoured flat-edge redesigns of the Apple Watch Series 7 and iPhone 13, it’s believed the new MacBook Pro models will also follow suit.

It’s also likely the new MacBook Pro will ditch the touch bar, bring back extra ports, revitalise MagSafe chargers and potentially feature a new Mini-LED screen.

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As for the MacBook Air? Leaks so far have suggested that a range of new colours could be coming for the MacBook Air, similar to the rainbow colour scheme of the 2021 iMacs.

It’s unclear if these will be announced in 2021 or later in 2022 but let’s keep our hopes up.

AirPods 3

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Image: iStock/dontree_m

The AirPods Pro released in 2019 and the ridiculously expensive over-ear AirPods Max dropped late last year which means we’re well overdue for some entry-level earphones from Apple.

The rumoured AirPods 3 are said to be coming later this year and probably won’t include any of the fancy ANC or ambient sound modes you’d see in the AirPods Pro.

They are likely to get a redesign with a shorter stem and smaller case and may switch to removable ear tips like the AirPods Pro.

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Apple is the master of its own destiny so it’s uncertain how many different announcement events we could get before the end of 2021. Last year the tech company had four (!) separate launch events between September and December.

Given the pandemic’s impact on the supply chain and Apple’s love of events, it is possible we could see that again in 2021.

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