The Iconic Cars From Mad Max: Fury Road Are Up for Auction, BYO Flamethrower Guitar

The Iconic Cars From Mad Max: Fury Road Are Up for Auction, BYO Flamethrower Guitar

If you’ve always wanted to drive the insane Mad Max: Fury Road war rig, then boy do I have good news for you.

A fleet of iconic vehicles from George Miller’s post-apocalyptic wasteland thriller is heading to public auction. This means you really can live out your dreams of riding the Doof Wagon around town.

How to secure your very own car from Fury Road

Lloyds is hosting the auction, which features 13 of the stunt cars from Mad Max: Fury Road. Expressions of interest are open, and the auction will take place on September 25-26.

These are the mad vehicles that are included in the sale:

  • The War Rig
  • The Gigahorse
  • The Doof Wagon
  • Nux Car
  • Convoy Car: Elvis
  • Convoy Car: Flamer
  • Razor Cola
  • Pole Car
  • Sabre Tooth
  • Fire Car
  • Caltrop: El Dorado
  • Buggy: Ratrod Chev
  • Buick: Heavy Artillery with Hummer Weapon Mount

All the classics are up for grabs, from Max’s suped-up Razor Cola Interceptor to Furiosa’s behemoth War Rig.

mad max fury road cars auction
Screenshot: Llyods Auctioneers and Valuers

Lloyds is fully getting into the spirit of Fury Road with its product descriptions. I dare you not to buy the Doof Wagon after reading this:

Every army has a little drummer boy, to keep the beat and stir the heart, and the War Boys of the Wasteland are no exception. Here, mounted drummers pound a taiko beat on huge resonators built of aircon duct, while Coma The Doof Warrior, blind and disfigured, slung in a web of bungy and spread-eagled before a stack of speakers, hurtles across the desert landscape on a repurposed 8 x 8 M.A.N. missile-carrier. The wail of the banshee, the distorted lick and demented, driving bass, the call to arms and the baying for blood, all music to the ears and grist to the mill, a symphony, a song, a single scream, the soundtrack to the end of civilization.

If you want to try before you buy (and live in Australia), Lloyds is offering inspections by appointment. The auction itself will be live-streamed nationwide and bids will close at 7 pm AEST on September 26.

Payments can be made in any currency, including cryptocurrency, and Lloyds can organise shipping to any state in Australia or internationally.

Unfortunately, we may never know what the minimum or winning bids for these vehicles are. The auction is using a sealed tender, which means bidders submit offers privately and the seller chooses the highest amount.

Quite frankly, no price is too high for the chance to rock up at your local Woollies in Mad Max’s ‘Fire Car’. You’ll just need to bring your own flamethrower guitar.

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