Updates From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Flash, and More

Updates From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Flash, and More

M. Night Shyamalan is ready to tease his next project already. Jason Blum reveals plans for even more Universal Monsters reworks. David Gordon Green teases how the world of Halloween Ends is reflected by our own. Plus, a new look at The Witcher’s return, and what’s next on American Horror Stories. Spoilers get!

Image: Paramount+
Image: Paramount+


Deadline reports Saffron Burrows, Jeremy Irvine, Peter Mullan, and Julika Jenkins will star alongside Ruby Barker and Freya Allan in Alberto Corredor’s feature adaptation of his short film, Baghead. The story follows “the enigmatic Baghead, a diminutive wrinkled up person who is able to manifest the dead and bring them back to our world for brief periods of time. People seek out the medium to reconnect with lost loved ones. Once in contact with Baghead however, the title character’s true powers and intentions are revealed and there is a high price to pay for its contact with the deceased. Barker portrays a young woman who must face off with Baghead and put a stop to its maniacal evil at all costs.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

James Gunn revealed to CinemaBlend that John Murphy (The Suicide Squad) has replaced Tyler Bates as the composter of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

I had to get off of a zoom right before this zoom because I was talking to all of my heads of department. We were going through the finale of [Volume 3] from shot to shot, to shot, to shot and explaining exactly how each shot was going to be done. Now, this stuff we’re going to shoot in May. So this is about just planning. After I get off of this, I’m going to have to go listen to some music that John Murphy wrote that we’re going to be playing during the movie. …I guess I’m spoiling the fact that John Murphy is doing the score for Guardians.

Knock at the Cabin

Though details on the plot are not available at this time, M. Night Shyamalan’s next horror film is titled Knock at the Cabin and is scheduled for a February 3, 2023 release.

The Wolfman/Universal Monsters

Producer Jason Blum provided Collider with an update on his planned Wolfman movie starring Ryan Gosling.

We are working on the script, got to get the script right. Working on trying to get a script that [Gosling] feels good about and comfortable about and excited about.

In the same interview, Blum revealed his production company is additionally developing “two or three” other Universal monster remakes.

We have two or three we’re developing. They’re not yet announced, so I can’t talk about them. But the status with Universal monsters is no different than it’s ever been. Universal is in charge of the Universal monsters. But we’ve come up with a few ideas that they’ve like for a few of their other ones. And hopefully, we’ll turn those into movies.

Halloween Ends

David Gordon Green revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that John Carpenter is now giving notes on the latest draft of Halloween Ends.

Halloween Ends is complete, and actually, I’m getting John Carpenter’s notes on the new draft later. So, I’m excited about that. There is resolve. Like any trilogy, you want it to have a beginning, middle, and end. We had a concept of the ending, and two years ago, we wrote the first draft of it. So, we had it all mapped out before we went into production on Kills. We knew where it was going, and we wanted Kills to be a symphony in the middle of the book of the Strode saga.

In a separate interview with Uproxx, Green confirmed Halloween Ends is set a few years after the events of 2018’s Halloween and Halloween Kills and so it tackles both the covid-19 pandemic and the “peculiar politics” of our current age.

So if you think about it, I mean, where we’re leaving these characters on Halloween 2018, the world is a different place. So not only do they have their immediate world affected by that trauma, having time to process that trauma – and that’s a specific and immediate traumatic event in the community of Haddonfield. But then they also had a worldwide pandemic and peculiar politics and another million things that turned their world upside down.

Halloween Kills, Chucky

Meanwhile, Michael Myers meets Chucky in new a cross-promotion for Halloween Kills and the Child’s Play TV series on Syfy (see below).

The Spine of Night

Hello, Spine of Night poster.

Photo: Shudder
Photo: Shudder

Zeroes and Ones

Ethan Hawke plays Jericho, “an American soldier stationed in post-apocalyptic Rome” who personally witnesses “the Vatican blown up” in the trailer for Abel Ferrara’s latest, Zeroes and Ones.

Needle in a Timestack

There’s also a new trailer for Needle in a Timestack starring Leslie Odom Jr., Cynthia Erivo, Orlando Bloom, and Freida Pinto. We had an exclusive clip from the film earlier this week if you want to check it out.


Jason Blum revealed to Collider he’s still working on a TV series based on the 2018 film, Upgrade.

Upgrade should have been a wide release. I was pissed about that. We’re working on a TV show. So working on the scripts. This first round, didn’t come out. I didn’t get the response I wanted to get. I don’t want to be in development. I want an order. We’re working on the scripts again, so that we can get an order.

The Flash

Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Tony Curran as Despero.

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

Relatedly, new photos from the set of the upcoming Armageddon crossover have surfaced on social media, revealing Barry Allen somehow becomes a new version of Reverse-Flash while his usual self finally gets his classic gold boots from the comics.

Legends of Tomorrow

Entertainment Weekly also has two new photos from the 100th episode of Legends of Tomorrow, featuring some familiar returning faces.

Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW
Photo: The CW

Meanwhile, Nate kills J. Edgar Hoover in the trailer for next week’s episode.

The Witcher

A new poster for The Witcher’s second season at Netflix.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

The Boys

Elsewhere, The Deep sells recyclable canned water in a new promo for The Boys.

American Horror Story: Double Feature

The trailer for next week’s episode of American Horror Story prophecies the first human-alien hybrids will be born in the year 2021.


Speaking of hybrids, Batwoman teams with Alice to fight a brand-new Killer Croc in the trailer for next week’s episode.


Finally, Tiffany returns, Andy debuts, and Chucky dons a homemade Hello Kitty mask in the trailer for his next episode, “Give Me Something Good To Eat.”

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