World Of Warcraft’s Latest Mount Is A Giant Kitty Cat

World Of Warcraft’s Latest Mount Is A Giant Kitty Cat
Contributor: Mike Fahey

I don’t know, folks. Between trying to keep up with Amazon’s New World and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion, I just don’t think I have time for World of Warcraft any more. Wait, I can ride a giant kitten with tufted ears that chases its tail? You son of a bitch, I’m in.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 16 years and I own a whole slew of mounts. I’ve got rare ones like the BlizzCon panda, cute ones like the little squeaky flying rat dude, and every collector’s edition mount since Blizzard started doing collector’s edition mounts. I do not, however, have a massive kitty cat that can fly and pounce and stretch and be everything a real kitty can be, only much larger and without all the poop.

The Sunwarmed Furline is the latest premium mount added to Blizzard’s online and in-game stores, so there’s no grinding to be done or dungeons to be run. The only running you need to do to get Mr. Fluffkins the Third here is running your credit card through Blizzard’s point of sale system to the tune of $US25 ($33). Yes, I know you can get a real cat from the woods behind your local grocery store for free, but those have fleas, disease, general unease, and none of them have their own trailer. If they did, why would they be living in the woods?

Honestly, this mount is for suckers. It’s for lapsed players who’ll get over-excited by the cuteness, spend the 25 bucks, log on for a few hours to ride about on Dr. Adorable here, and then log out again until the next super-cute mount is revealed. I know this because that’s exactly what I just penciled in tonight’s slot on my day planner. I am a sheep. Meow.