Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Is Taking a Break… to Make Way for More Star Trek

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Is Taking a Break… to Make Way for More Star Trek

Back when Star Trek: Discovery was still the only new Star Trek show around, producer Alex Kurtzman had a glimmer in his eye about a time coming where there would be all Star Trek, all the time. Now, we’re basically there, and it turns out that glimmer can be quite blinding.

Paramount+ has announced a sudden schedule change for the roll out of Discovery’s currently airing fourth season. The seventh episode of the season will stream on the service in its usual Thursday drop next week, December 30, before taking a month and a half off until February 10. The move will presumably also affect Discovery season four‘s delayed rollout internationally, after ViacomCBS made — and promptly u-turned on — a controversial decision to pull the series’ international streaming rights from Netflix just days before the season was set to premiere.

This isn’t the first time that Discovery has taken a mid-season break, however. Season one took a similar month-and-a-half break between episodes nine and 10, leaving fans on the cliffhanger twist of the ship dropping itself into the Mirror Universe. But it is the first time that there’s just so much new Star Trek that it can fill the gap left behind with more new Star Trek. Case in point, the kid-focused (and pretty solid) Star Trek Prodigy is set to return for a run of episodes from January 6, meaning that by the time it’s over again, Discovery will be back. And when that’s over, there’s going to be a second season of Picard too!

Truly, there is perhaps almost too much Star Trek to contemplate. I’d say we’d need the break just to catch up, but we’re not really getting a break, are we? Star Trek: Discovery returns to Paramount+ on February 10.

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