Stellantis Might Be Trying To Save Chrysler With Its Airflow EV Concept

Stellantis Might Be Trying To Save Chrysler With Its Airflow EV Concept

Stellantis’ mysterious concept EV now has a name, and it’s called the Airflow. Revealed during the brand’s EV Day earlier this summer, the Chrysler crossover concept looks to be sized relative to the Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E, with familiar nods to late Chrysler-branded products.

This EV concept is part of Stellantis’ roadmap it plans to reveal at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 5 in Las Vegas, what Stellantis is calling it’s “transformation to clean mobility and seamlessly connected customer experiences.”

The Airflow looks to be a potential competitor to the Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4. Even if this vehicle even made it to actual production, it’s difficult to see Chrysler’s offering sway buyers in the Chrysler direction.

Plus it may not be ready for years. Ralph Gilles, Chief Design Officer of multiple Stellantis brands, including Chrysler, suggested the platform the concept would ride on doesn’t go into production until 2024 — several years after its competitors have gone to market.

Stellantis Might Be Trying To Save Chrysler With Its Airflow EV Concept
Screenshot: Stellantis

It’s well known that Stellantis’ budget luxury brand has held on this long with Fiat’s life support, as the brand quietly reduced to two vehicle offerings – the Pacifica Minivan (including its hybrid relation), and the dying Chrysler 300.

So why did Stellantis decide to brand their new cutting-edge EV as a Chrysler of all things?

It could be signalling a return to form for Chrysler – which stands as the vastly underperforming brand in sales and public perception compared to its brawny siblings Jeep, Dodge and Ram.

You could also ask, will Jeep and Dodge get their own versions of the same car? If something similar was released in the Jeep and Dodge brands, would people even consider the Chrysler? Those brands would almost certainly have a more muscular look to them which would certainly be more fitting in today’s market compared to the smooth and flowing lines of the Chrysler.

More competition in any automotive space isn’t a bad thing, but in Chrysler’s case, the odds may not be in its favour.

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