Updates From Halloween Ends, The Boys, and More

Updates From Halloween Ends, The Boys, and More

A familiar voice joins Sonic the Hedgehog 2. There’s even more purported hints at the other Spider-Men of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Get a glimpse at what’s coming on Flash’s “Armageddon” finale and the second season of Superman & Lois. Plus, even Riverdale has a multiverse now. Spoilers, away!

Updates From Halloween Ends, The Boys, and More

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Actress Colleen O’Shaughnessy, who has voiced Tails in the video game franchise since 2014, reveals she’ll reprise her role in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 opposite Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Idris Elba as Knuckles.

Halloween Ends

In conversation with Variety, Kyle Richards revealed her character Lindsay Wallace has been “re-written” into the script of Halloween Ends after surviving the events of Halloween Kills.

When my character didn’t die, I was like, ‘Uhh, hello!’ The last movie, I saw Jamie on the set, but we didn’t have stuff together. So I’m really hoping that there is more stuff together. I can’t talk about any storylines, but all I can say is that we start filming in January, and I’m so excited to return with Jamie Lee Curtis and David Gordon Green.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Promotional artwork from a bank in Indonesia appears to depict both Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s Spider-Men in battle with Jamie Foxx’s Electro. Head over to Comic Book to have a look.

The Pink Cloud

The movie about a deadly, pink cloud that forces everyone to stay home for years — can’t relate to that premise at all, frankly — now has an English trailer.


Relatedly, a swarm of mysterious bubbles destroy the laws of gravity across Earth in the trailer for Bubble, coming to Netflix on April 28.


Deadline reports Henry Golding will star in Nameless, a TV series based on the Dean Koontz’ thriller series at SK Global — the co-financers and producers of Crazy Rich Asians. The series follows the titular Nameless, “a man who – behind a wall of amnesia – can’t remember anything. Maybe he can’t bear to. He knows only the mission, assigned by a shadowy agency, and travels the country turning predators into prey and dispensing justice when the law fails. As he moves from town to town, the pain of his past can’t hold him back, until dark and splintered visions lead him toward his greatest test yet.”

The Boys

The latest episode of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman introduces Nick Wechsler as Blue Hawk, a retooled version of Garth Ennis’ Wolverine parody, Ground Hawk.


Appearing as a guest on the Scott Hasn’t Seen podcast (via Comic Book), Tatiana Maslany revealed Jennifer Walters performs covers of both “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” and the Madonna version of “Fever” in the first season of She-Hulk.

The Flash

The Flash’s “Armageddon” crossover concludes in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Part 5.”


Jughead discovers the multiverse in the trailer for next week’s 100th episode of Riverdale.


Kate and Clint enjoy an awkward dinner in a clip from today’s episode of Hawkeye.


A new Peacemaker featurette discusses his strained relationship with wannabe bestie Vigilante.

Superman & Lois

Finally, Superman lifts a nuclear submarine in a new trailer for the second season of Superman & Lois.

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