Meet the New Alienware 34-inch Curved Quantum Dot OLED Monitor

Meet the New Alienware 34-inch Curved Quantum Dot OLED Monitor

If you hate the idea of gaming on a massive, curved monitor that has a generous 1440p resolution and promises to deliver incredible colour and power, then the Alienware 34 Curved Quantum Dot OLED Monitor is not for you.

Dell has used CES 2022 to absolutely deliver on the Alienware front. The highlight is obviously this quantum dot, curved monitor. It. Looks. Insane.

Alienware 34 Curved Quantum Dot OLED Monitor

alienware 34 monitor
Image: Dell

The Alienware 34 curved QD-OLED monitor, uses Quantum Dot Display Technology, and OLED.

The hybrid technology takes the self-illuminated pixels of an OLED panel and enhances the colours by converting blue LED pixels to pure red and pure green pixels through a quantum dot layer. Without using filters, colours transformed by the quantum dot layer lose very little energy, allowing the panel to create a wider range of colours and a higher peak brightness than a regular white OLED screen.

The result is a monitor with a 99.3 per cent DCI-P3 colour coverage and a Delta-E colour accuracy of below 2. If that’s all gibberish to you, it means colours should look vibrant yet natural. Even more impressive is the 1,000-nit brightness rating, which might well burn through your retinas if you aren’t careful.

TL;DR: great colour, increased brightness, big wow.

alienware 34 monitor
Image: Dell

Dell says combined with 1000 nits peak brightness, infinite contrast ratio and VESA Display HDR TrueBlack 400 certification, you can “expect incredibly realistic visuals for unforgettably immersive gaming experiences”.

Some notable specs:

  • Colour: Lunar Light
  • Dimensions: 364.15 mm x 815.25 mm x 137.11mm (panel only) & 415.57 mm /525.57 mm x 815.25 mm x 305.71 mm (monitor head with stand)
  • Weight: 6.92 kg (panel only) & 15.9 kg (full packaging)
  • Viewable image size: 86.82 cm (34.18 inches) – diagonal
  • Active display area: 800.10 mm x 337.10 mm (31.50 inches x 13.27 inches) / 269,713.71 mm2 (418.01 inches) – horizontal x vertical
  • Colour depth: 1.07 billion colours
  • 175Hz refresh rate (over DisplayPort, HDMI is limited to 100Hz)
  • Aspect ratio: 21:9

If you somehow pull your eyes away from the panel, you’ll find a stand that will match the rest of Alienware’s products. Pushing the sci-fi aesthetic, the monitor has a sleek white-and-black colour scheme with RGB lighting on the rear, bottom, power button and customisable on a loop centred on the rear monitor. The monitor is height adjustable and can swivel (-20 to 20 degrees), slant (-5 to 5 degrees) and tilt (-5 to 21 degrees).

Alienware hasn’t revealed pricing but it’s safe to assume this thing will cost a small (or perhaps not so small) fortune when it arrives in North America on March 29 and in Europe on April 5. We’ll let you know pricing and availability for Australia when we know.

This post has been updated since it was first published, with contributions (and a big thanks) to Phillip Tracy. We’ll make further updates once we have availability and pricing for the Aussie market available.

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