Legend of Vox Machina’s New Trailer Is a Gory, Sweary Trip Through Tal’Dorei

Legend of Vox Machina’s New Trailer Is a Gory, Sweary Trip Through Tal’Dorei

So far, our looks at The Legend of Vox Machina, Critical Role’s leap from the world of tabletop gaming into full-on animation, have focused on propping up its loveable cast of misfits as the heroes most Criticial Role fans know them to be at this point. The latest trailer goes to great lengths to show that they are also as much of a hot mess as the majority of tabletop adventure parties.

Prime Video has released a new red-band trailer for The Legend of Vox Machina, although it’s light on gore aside from the occasional blood spurt, and much more heavier on its titular adventurers cursing their way to fame and fortune as some of Tal’Dorei’s most famous heroes. But the emphasis is on how, at the point we meet them in the show, these people very much aren’t those legends just yet.

It strikes a much different tone to a lot of what we’ve seen out of the show so far, capturing the sort of manic energy that glues together most tabletop parties pretty well. Some folks want to do some good, many want riches and treasure, most of them just want the latest fun distraction — and even more just wanna beat some monsters or bad guys up. And then sometimes, the best of friends and closest of allies just might want to wave middle fingers at each other like small children.

Suffice to say, it goes a bit of the way to showing people who aren’t familiar with Critical Role’s work either on the tabletop or now beyond it across the myriad comics, novels, and sourcebooks that make up the actual-play series’ transmedia empire these days what the vibe is really about — and how you’re not going just get some straight laced fantasy story along the way. Legend of Vox Machina is set to hit Amazon Prime from January 28.

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