This Time, Netflix Let Bots Make a Documentary

This Time, Netflix Let Bots Make a Documentary

Last year, I stumbled across the Netflix is a Joke YouTube account and of course that resulted in a wonderful rabbit hole adventure. What sent me there was the fact the team fed a bot 400,000 hours of horror for it to create its own horror movie. Most recently, however, the team behind the content got a bot to produce a documentary. And, the cherry on top is Ice-T’s narration.

Netflix Is A Jokes’ The First Documentary Made Entirely By Bots is directed by Amber Schaefer, stars Ice-T, Sydney Battle, David Ebert and Keaton Patti and was created by a bot.

“Ever wonder how the Netflix By Bots videos are actually made? This documentary will do absolutely nothing to clear things up,” Netflix Is A Joke writes in the doco description.

The team programmed bots with no human interaction to produce an entire series of narrative films. So far in the catalogue there’s Carol’s Christmas Carol For Carol (obviously a Christmas flick), A Woman Named Carol (not-so-obviously a holiday film), A Love Tale of Taylors (for you romcom fans), a stoner movie that follows the travels of ‘Cheese and Chonk’, a stand-up comedy special and, our favourite, a horror flick Mr Puzzles Wants You To Be Less Alive.

But now, the team has turned its attention to documentaries.

The documentary looks back on the history of what the team let bots do and the humans behind the scenes. It delves into a bit of what exactly the bots focus on to make its content and shows some best-of clips from the other short movies.

netflix bots documentary
David Ebert. Image: Netflix Is A Joke

The doco gives us our first real introduction to Patti, who is the internet’s king of forcing a bot to do stuff. In The First Documentary Made Entirely By Bots we learn Patti just likes “making bots do things for him”. We also learned he made a bot read the Bible and that there’s a ‘religion gun’.

Look, the whole thing makes absolutely no sense, but if you have 17 minutes and 12 seconds to kill, The First Documentary Made Entirely By Bots is worth a watch, even just for you to audibly sigh when you’re done.

Check it out below: