Yep, She’s a Werewolf

Yep, She’s a Werewolf

I’m sure you’ve been on pins and needles since January 4, when the streaming service Stan released the first trailer for its upcoming series Wolf Like Me, starring Josh Gad and Isla Fisher. In it, we saw some subtle clues that led us to believe that Fisher’s character Mary might be a werewolf — and not to pat ourselves too hard on the back, but this newest trailer for the show has proven us right.

After intensive investigation — maybe an entire two seconds — we managed to piece the clues together and deduce that Fisher’s character was, in all likelihood, a werewolf. To be clear, these “subtle” clues included:

• Maya sprinting away from an evening date with Gary (Gad) with zero explanation

• Maya having some kind of secret that she’s “never shared with anyone before” and sprinting away again as the sun sets

• Maya’s husband dying under mysterious circumstances

• An old lady who says, “We’ve all got wolves in us”

• Maya locking herself in a steel room in a panic while Gary looks on in horror

• The show being titled Wolf Like Me

I assume that Stan decided to stop playing coy, since Maya has outright confirmed her lycanthropy in this newest trailer:

Now, the next question is, does she only transform directly into wolf form, or does she also have the traditional werewolf hybrid form? (And before anyone wants to get semantic on me, a “werewolf” is the proper term for someone who turns into a wolf, the hybrid, or both. Interestingly, the anthropomorphic form is a relatively modern invention, having first been seen in the 1935 movie Werewolf of London, apparently. )

If you’re curious about the details of Maya’s affliction, all six episodes of Wolf Like Me are currently available to view on Stan.