Temuera Morrison Gifted an Awesome Māori-Style Carving of Boba Fett’s Helmet

Temuera Morrison Gifted an Awesome Māori-Style Carving of Boba Fett’s Helmet

Temuera Morrison, the actor behind Boba Fett in The Book of Boba Fett, was just gifted a beautiful Māori-style carving of his iconic helmet.

Man, what a cool gift. Morrison is a Māori man himself, of Scottish and Irish descent too. He’s been in a lot of movies over the years, including Star Wars Episode II and III, along with, of course, The Book of Boba Fettwhere he played the lead role.

Interestingly, he has played three roles across Star Wars movies and TV shows, including Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Commander Cody.

You might remember Morrison from other films like Aquaman, Moana and Once Were Warriors.

The carved helmet was created by Māori artist Graham Hoete, a multi-disciplinary artist who specialises in paintings and wood carvings.

“Shedding a couple tears, a dream come true for this Māori who comes from a small island with a population of 60 people, to have Star Wars share my work on their global platforms, kare he kupu, no words,” Hoete wrote on Twitter.

“We’re really proud of you. As a Māori – I just couldn’t be more proud to be Māori, you know, in terms of seeing you on that global stage,” he said when presenting the helmet to the actor.

The two also performed the Haka together.

The helmet itself is incredibly well detailed. Looking at it closely, you’ll notice that the dint on the forehead of the normal helmet is present on the carving. Looking like a wooden replica of Boba Fett’s helmet, it is adorned with Māori-style patterns along the cheeks and the forehead.

If you somehow haven’t watched The Book of Boba Fett, the whole series is now streaming on Disney+.

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