Someone Designed a 3D-printable PS4 Controller You Can Use One-handed

Someone Designed a 3D-printable PS4 Controller You Can Use One-handed

I’m obsessed with this one-handed PS4 controller mod somebody has built with a 3D printer.

Designed with several components to allow for adjustment, right-stick controlling and easy access to the triangle, square, circle and X buttons, the “One-handed Dualshock 4” mod lets you play with your left hand, provided the right side of the controller is properly balanced on a surface.

It’s an interesting design, with every component buildable in a competent 3D printer. There’s no need to build a new casing for the PS4 controller, as the one-handed mod attaches easily to it.

“The thumbstick is controlled by moving the whole controller,” says Akaki Kuumeri, on the mod’s Prusa Printers page.

“Rest the controller on your lap or the table, and move it around. Its motions are transmitted to the thumbstick. There is a 4-to-1 mechanical advantage going on, so you can get good precision even with rougher motions.”

If you wanted a video demonstration, you can find it below.

“You can use a rubber shoe to balance the controller on, or swap it out for a strap-on attachment that can be tied around your thigh,” Kuumeri continues.

“The DualSense is symmetric, so to make a left-hand controller, print the pieces mirrored.”

On the Prusa Printers page, you’ll find mod assembly instructions. It’s based on a one-handed DualSense mod, which is another mod developed by Kuumeri, except for the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Posted by u/moinen, Reddit users praised the controller for its creativity and simplicity in design, quickly rising through r/3Dprinting in popularity.

“Dude that’s incredible! That could change the game for many disabled players!!!” one user wrote.

“My husband had a stroke in December and his right side is paralyzed. This would be awesome for him!” another wrote.

If you’re after an accessibility-focused controller, it might be worth looking into the Xbox Adaptive Controller or the Razer Tartarus.

Otherwise, this one-handed PS4 controller mod makes for a good solution.

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