People Think They Can See Ryu’s Dick In The Street Fighter 6 Reveal

People Think They Can See Ryu’s Dick In The Street Fighter 6 Reveal
Contributor: Ian Walker

Apart from the game’s crappy, minimalistic logo, some of the most consistent chatter surrounding the recent Street Fighter 6 reveal has to do with series protagonist Ryu. He’s wide, folks, sporting sandals and that much-beloved “Hot Ryu” facial hair, but what seems to have folks most intrigued about his updated design lies below the belt.

OK, I’m sorry, let’s stop beating around the bush (pun absolutely intended): People think they can see Ryu’s dick in the trailer

Street Fighter 6’s lacklustre teaser — which spends all of 39 seconds showcasing what can only be assumed are the upcoming game’s more realistic visuals — includes an 89-frame shot of Ryu and Street Fighter V newcomer Luke Sullivan staring each other down, as seen from the rivals’ feet. Luke, if you didn’t already know, is lame as hell, but getting into all the reasons why would take way too long, so let’s just deal with Ryu’s bulge for now.

Here’s a screencap taken straight from the 2160p, 60fps, MKV-formatted video I downloaded from Capcom’s official YouTube channel:

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

A closer look, zoomed into Ryu’s crotch as far as I can get without losing too much fidelity:

Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

And for those of you who would like to see the moment in motion before making a decision, a GIF:

Gif: Capcom / Kotaku

Ryu is wearing the tattered white gi that, along with his sparring gloves and red headband, has been his trademark look since the original Street Fighter debuted in 1987. You might also notice he’s lost his top to show off that Adam Driver Star Wars: The Last Jedi physique, but focus on his crotch. You can totally see his dick, right? This is what’s known as a “dick print,” or as puts it, “the outline of a penis as seen bulging through clothing.” It’s not quite what we lost when Oro wore underwear in Street Fighter V, but it’s something.

As usual, folks online are having a field day with it.

“My timeline is quickly pivoting to conversation about Ryu’s visible dick outline, so the [Street Fighter 6] teaser made an impact after all,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Do you think the same guy who rendered Ryu’s toes also worked on his dick print?” asked another.

“Since Ryu has [noticeable] dick bulge in Street Fighter 6, I hope Ken doesn’t,” a third joked, referencing Ryu’s blonde-haired, American rival. “I want Ryu to canonically have a bigger dick than Ken.”

It’s no secret that the internet can be too horny for its own good, but I think the conversation about Ryu’s dick is indicative of a separate problem: the Street Fighter 6 tease just plain sucks. We need something to talk about due to the lack of information from Capcom, so why not focus on the junk of the series’ sexless World Warrior? Wouldn’t it just be wonderfully in-character if Ryu had an exquisite hog that he never uses, no matter how many hints Sakura drops?

Anyway, we should be getting what I expect to be less dick-related (and thus more than likely less interesting) info on Street Fighter 6 this summer.


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