You Want an Uncharted Trailer? Jump in Folks, We Got Some

You Want an Uncharted Trailer? Jump in Folks, We Got Some

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg have been holding onto the Uncharted movie for years, In fact, it’s been so long that Wahlberg was holding precariously onto the edge of the cliff, having been cast as lead Nathan Drake — only to age out of that role into the role of Drake’s mentor Sully. Holland made his way to the cliff in 2017, only to find himself in mortal danger as well.

As we countdown the days until Uncharted is released in Australia, all we have to hold onto is not a cliff, but the movie trailer, well, trailers.

The Uncharted movie is a prequel to the video games, which is why the rough-and-ragged visage of the game’s Nathan Drake has been replaced by the eternally adorable babyface of 25-year-old Holland. However, one thing that clearly has been replaced is the constant mortal danger Drake finds himself in, whether it be ancient booby traps, collapsing bridges, or massive shadowy organisations determined to kill him by sending several thousand heavily armed goons after him, which inevitably means Drake ends up leading the bad guys to whatever treasure he wants to get before they do. I highly suspect young Nathan Drake to be any better about this.

For the record, it’s only taken a mere 13 years for Uncharted to finally get an official movie trailer. In 2008, producer Avi Avid had announced a movie adaptation of the first game, which only came out the previous year. While there have been eight more Uncharted video games released since then, the movie has gone through so many scripts and casts that it felt like it would never get out of movie development hell, even once Holland came on board. There’s still plenty of time for disaster to strike the project between now and February 17, when the movie ostensibly premieres.

I present: a place for all your Uncharted movie trailer needs.

Uncharted movie trailer

The first official Uncharted movie trailer dropped in October.

The Uncharted movie seems to be a bit all over the place in terms of what game it’s based on. While it’s very much an origin story for the main character Nathan Drake, it pulls one of the most iconic scenes directly from the third game.

The scene involves Nathan Drake tailing off the back of a plane as it’s crashing, originally being one of the majors scenes in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. It almost looks shot-for-shot like the same scene.

Uncharted (very, very) long teaser trailer

We then got a verrrrrrry long teaser clip when Tom Holland joined Sony on stage at CES 2022. Aside from the whole thing being awkward, and Holland pretty much carrying the entire presentation, the trailer gave us a pretty good idea of what to expect from Uncharted.

Our third, and final, Uncharted trailer

We got another Uncharted trailer last month. It was distributed with the blurb: “In a race for $5 billion, be careful who you trust”.

Here it is:

Uncharted release date

After a long, long wait, Uncharted will release on February 17. Unlike some other movies (looking at you, Dune) Australia will get the release of Uncharted on the same date as our U.S. friends.

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