5 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Yellowjackets

5 TV Shows to Watch if You Liked Yellowjackets
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We’ve seen plenty of shows capture our collective attention over the past couple of years. From Ted Lasso to The White Lotus, we’ve been blessed with no shortage of excellent new shows to keep us talking each week. The latest TV show to enter the conversation is Yellowjackets and now that it’s over you might be feeling a bit empty.

For those out of the loop, Yellowjackets is a psychological drama that tells the tale of a high school girls soccer team who are stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. Taking place across multiple timelines we find out the extreme measures the girls go to in order to survive and how they’ve learned to live with their ordeal.

The good news is that there will be a second season of Yellowjackets. But until then we’ve come up with a list of TV shows in a similar vein to Yellowjackets that will help get you through.

TV shows you should watch if you liked Yellowjackets

The Wilds

the wilds
(Image: Amazon)

Yellowjackets and The Wilds share some obvious similarities.

Both TV shows focus on all-female high school groups who survive a plane crash and are left stranded. They also both take place across multiple timelines with flashbacks to both their high school selves and their situation after being rescued.

The Wilds has a little less cannibalism (so far) and takes place on a remote island instead of the snowy wilderness. However, both shows have a bigger mystery going on that will keep you hooked until the end.

Watch The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video.

Station Eleven

station eleven yellowjackets shows
Image: HBO

Station Eleven’s depicts a deadly flu that devastates the world. It may hit a little close to home right now, but it’s still worth a watch for Yellowjackets fans.

The show takes place across multiple timelines depicting the strange and desperate means people will go to survive and hold on to a semblance of society. The main timeline follows a group of travelling actors whose lives are changed when they encounter a violent cult.

You can watch Station Eleven on Stan.


lost tv show yellowjackets
Image: Disney

The plane-crash-survival story to end all plane-crash-survival stories is undoubtedly Lost.

Lost introduced us to interesting characters across multiple timelines all trying to survive on a mysterious remote island. Sure, it may have a controversial ending but no one can deny the TV show kept viewers hooked on its supernatural mystery for six seasons.

You can watch Lost on Disney+.

The 100

the 100 yellowjackets shows
Image: Warner Bros/The CW

Fans of the teen survival genre can’t go past The 100. A century after a nuclear war made Earth uninhabitable, authorities from a human colony in space send a hundred juvenile prisoners to the ground to determine whether it’s safe to return.

While the air is breathable again, Earth is anything but safe. The group of teens come up against warring clans, mutated animals and the dangers within each other.

The 100 is available to stream on Netflix.


Image: Netflix

If it’s the hook of the plane crash that brought you to Yellowjackets you’ll like the mystery that unfolds in Manifest.

The world is shocked after a flight that disappeared five years prior reappears with all its inhabitants completely unharmed. The passengers of the flight struggle to reintegrate into society and find that the people that they left behind are no longer the same.

Watch Manifest on Netflix.

If none of these shows takes your fancy you can re-watch Yellowjackets to your heart’s content over on Paramount+.