Adam Savage Built an Absolutely Maniacal Dart-Blasting Helmet With a Laser Sight

Adam Savage Built an Absolutely Maniacal Dart-Blasting Helmet With a Laser Sight

We’ve all been there. A dart blaster battle erupts in the office and you’re too busy with emails or spreadsheets to reach for a weapon to return fire. The solution, as Adam Savage demonstrates in the latest Tested video, is to build yourself a dart-blasting helmet that unleashes a torrent of foam projectiles wherever you look.

Way back in 2018 (which feels about three decades ago at this point) Adam Savage created one of the most impressive Nerf mods we’ve seen to date. Not only did the former Mythbusters host give a Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blaster an impressive paint job making it look worn by endless battles, but he also designed and built a custom oversized magazine with enough capacity to hold 1,000 tiny foam balls making reloads a rare inconvenience. It also happened to be one of the most popular videos on Tested’s YouTube channel, and almost 40 million views later, Savage is back with another over-the-top Nerf mod.

This time around Savage is modifying a Nerf alternative. For dart blaster fans wanting more power, speed, and range, company’s like Dart Zone offer impressive alternatives to Nerf’s best offerings, but this mod starts with a D-DART Pro: a fully-automatic blaster that wraps a chain of 27 foam darts around a user’s wrist.

In addition to upgrading the power and firing rate of the blasters, Savage also permanently mounted one to each side of a helmet with a flashing orange warning light on top and a targeting scope that hangs out in front of his right eye. To make aiming even easier, a green laser was added to the mix so that wherever a tiny green dot shows up, a barrage of 54 darts was soon to follow. He even went so far as to design a custom handheld trigger, complete with a pop-up safety cover for the firing switch, that activates both blasters in parallel. And you thought the evil eye was a look you never wanted to see.

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