Adobe Wants to Help Companies Sell You Things in the Metaverse

Adobe Wants to Help Companies Sell You Things in the Metaverse

Photoshop’s mum, Adobe, wants in on the metaverse.

Yesterday, the company announced what it’s calling a “series of innovations, integrations and investments designed to position brands to succeed in the metaverse”.

While the metaverse is definitely the latest go-to buzzword/trend/fad since the glorius* NFT, Adobe heading to the metaverse isn’t all that much of a stretch. Adobe currently offers a number of ways of creating immersive 3D experiences, e-commerce platforms and digital experiences (Substance 3D and Aero as some examples). That isn’t a marketing spiel, the brains behind Photoshop do run a tonne of immersive, digital experiences we use each day.

“New integrations across Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud will bring Adobe’s 3D content creation and personalisation solutions to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries,” the company says.

If you look at the metaverse for what it really is, it’s an online space for activities.

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With expertise in the e-commerce space, Adobe will be focusing on shopping in augmented reality, through its upcoming ‘Substance 3D Modeler’ as well as tools for said AR shopping. Adobe has some pretty big brands on board, including The Coca-Cola Company, Epic Games, NASCAR and Nvidia. All of them, it said, will be working with Adobe on “an array of technology advances and experiences that include the key ingredients of metaverse readiness”.

“The metaverse and other immersive experiences will only succeed if they are feature-rich, personalised, engaging and have interactive content,” says Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud. “To lead in the metaverse, brands should start creating 3D and immersive content now – it will not only prepare them for the future, but make their product design and creation of marketing and e-commerce assets better, faster and cheaper.”

Anyway, here’s Adobe’s metaverse playbook (yep, real thing).

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