Ewan McGregor Pretends to Use the Force to Open Doors

Ewan McGregor Pretends to Use the Force to Open Doors

You’ve done it, we’ve done it, everyone has done it. And now Obi-Wan Kenobi himself admits he does it too. We’re talking, of course, about pretending you are using the Force when encountering automatic doors.

Ewan McGregor sat down recently to talk about his upcoming, highly anticipated show Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi and the conversation turned to Jedi mind tricks. The actor said he’s never been able to do that but there was one instance in his actual life where he did feel like a Jedi. “I do it with doors!” McGregor exclaimed while speaking to Entertainment Weekly. “I like to do that with automatic doors just for my own amusement.”

“I always do a little Jedi move for the doors and I have occasionally been caught doing it. You know, like at the supermarket or something when I’m wheeling my trolley out … It’s just always for my own [amusement] because it makes me laugh, but occasionally I’ve been caught doing that, and that’s kind of embarrassing. It’s difficult not to, isn’t it? It’s fun. If the timing is right, it feels very powerful.”

What’s so utterly charming about this, besides everything, is that McGregor has literally played a Jedi in Star Wars movies and shows. Attack of the Clones has a scene of him doing exactly this. He once Jedi mind-tricked a Death Stick dealer to change his life. So he’s used Jedi powers in situations that are as realistic as humanly possible. And yet, his Star Wars passion carries over from the set into a trip to the supermarket. Head over to EW to watch the full video.

McGregor will next be seen as the Jedi Master in self-imposed exile on May 25 when Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi debuts on Disney+. You can read much, much, much more about that show at this link. And, if you want to feel like both McGregor and a Jedi, be sure to use the Force the next time you head to Target.