Ms Marvel Looks Marvelous in the MCU

Ms Marvel Looks Marvelous in the MCU
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So, Ms. Marvel, the next superhero TV show from Marvel coming to Disney+ — what’s up with that? Isn’t there already a Captain Marvel in Marvel’s pantheon of heroes?

Well, we have a trailer, a release date, and everything you need to know about the show in this article. Read on to get up to speed with the next Marvel hero.

Ms Marvel trailer

Here’s the first trailer for the show.

We’ll likely get some more trailers closer to release day, but this series looks like a mix between your standard Disney+ superhero series and a straight-to-Disney Channel kids show (thinking Wizards of Waverly Place or That’s So Raven).

Not too much like an old Disney Channel show though — the Disney+ series definitely looks like a fun, younger audience-oriented show, with that Marvel Studios flare and production value.

What’s Ms Marvel about?

Ms Marvel, the Disney+ original, is about Kamala Khan (played by Iman Vellani) getting powers a bit similar to Captain Marvel. Energy projection makes up the biggest power of her arsenal, however, she accentuates this mostly through enlarged body parts, like giant fists or longer legs. It looks really cool, with her powers seemingly being given to her through a bracelet.

What’s she doing in her show? Well, she’s a schoolgirl with a strict mother — a nerdy one with a love for The Avengers, specifically Captain Marvel. She’s a huge fangirl, with a Captain Marvel jacket, suit and an Avengers shirt in one scene. Love to see it.

We’re not sure who will be the villain in the upcoming Disney+ show, or what key events may happen in the show, but we’ll find out at some point. Like Spider-Man, this hero sees protecting her home city as her number one priority, which happens to be Jersey City.

We also have this awesome poster.

Ms Marvel
Image: Disney

What’s Ms Marvel like in the comics?

In the comics, Ms Marvel was notable for being the first Muslim Marvel superhero, a Pakistani-American teenager from Jersey City. In the comics, the justification for her power is the Terrigen bomb, which is how the Inhumans were formed.

Yeah, in the comics, Kamala Khan was an Inhuman. Inhumans are kinda like mutants from X-Men, however, instead of being a genetic thing, Inhumans were created through exposure to Terrigen. Like mutants in X-Men, Inhumans were a way that the comics could explore discrimination against a group of people.

In the comics, her powers were given to her physically, without the need for a superpower bracer, like it would appear in the show. The bracer, mind you, is a central component to her superhero design, where she stores some items and her phone.

Eventually, she ends up joining the Avengers in the comics, which we might end up seeing in the show or in a movie at some point (remember: she has been cast in The Marvels). Part of her story goes into some multiverse stuff, which Phase Four of the MCU seems to be caught up with.

Ms Marvel cast

Ms Marvel features Iman Vellani as the titular lead, or Kamala Khan. Anjali Bhimani (AKA the voice actress who played Symmetra in Overwatch) will be appearing, as will Zenobia Shroff as Muneeba Khan (Kamala’s mother) and Mohan Kapur as Yusuf Khan (Kamala’s father).

Yasmeen Fletcher will play Nakia, Matt Lintz will play Bruno, and Rish Shah will play Kamran. Laurel Marsden will also appear as Zoe Zimmer, and Aramis Knight will play Red Dagger (Kareem), a superhero in Pakistan.

Ms Marvel release date

Ms Marvel will be streaming on Disney+ from June 8, 2022. Originally, the show was confirmed for a 2021 release, but like most superhero flicks, it got delayed.

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