This Might Be as Close as We Ever Get to an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Trailer

This Might Be as Close as We Ever Get to an Amazing Spider-Man 3 Trailer

The fallout from Spider-Man: No Way Home is everywhere. At the box office, where it was easily the biggest hit of the past several years. In theatres, with movies like Morbius standing on its shoulders. And almost certainly in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe too, especially with that multiverse fully part of the narrative now.

But for fans, maybe the biggest takeaway in a post-No Way Home world has been the newfound appreciation for Andrew Garfield. Garfield has always been an incredible actor (he’s up for the Best Actor Oscar this year, for example) but his Spider-Man films came at an odd time, competing with the growing MCU, and were largely overshadowed once Tom Holland came long. But he’s back in No Way Home and almost instantly fans began clamoring for one more swing through the streets for Garfield’s Spider-Man, aka No Way Home’s Peter 3.

And while that’s not completely impossible in the scope of things, Sony has given fans the closest thing yet. It’s a trailer cut from No Way Home, as well as Garfield’s Spider-Man movies, called The Amazing Peter #3. Not quite “The Amazing Spider-Man 3″ but pretty damned close.

While that’s a fun wink to the fans, watching it, you come to a realisation. Spider-Man: No Way Home is The Amazing Spider-Man 3. It’s also Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 4. It’s the next big-screen adventure for all of these Spider-Men, and though they share the screen with each other, we learn what they’ve been up to, struggling with, and how they change due to the events of this film. So basically if Sony and Marvel ever decide to make an Amazing Spider-Man 3, you can’t have that movie without this one. So maybe a new one would actually be part four.

The above clip is part of the special features for Spider-Man: No Way Home which is on digital download now. It’ll be on physical discs April 12.