DC Comics’ 2022 Pride Anthology Gets a Boost From the Best Batman Ever

DC Comics’ 2022 Pride Anthology Gets a Boost From the Best Batman Ever

In March, DC Comics announced its extensive plans to celebrate Pride Month with new series, the debut of new characters, and more. But more details have been rolling in, including the full roster of talent that will be contributing to this year’s DC Pride 2022 anthology, which just happens to include the most beloved Bat-actor of all.

Kevin Conroy, who’s voiced the Dark Knight in the original Animated Series, Justice League, and a host of other animation and video games — and is an openly gay man — will be telling his own, “personal” story titled “Finding Batman.” According to DC editor Andrea Shea, Conroy’s first foray as a comics writer is a doozy: “2022 marks 30 years of Batman: The Animated Series so it only felt right to honour Kevin Conroy, THE voice of Batman for multiple generations. And we were FLOORED when he delivered a deeply moving personal story in collaboration with J. Bone and Aditya Bidikar.”

Although we knew a few of the teams who would be bringing their talents to the anthology, DC has released the full list of contributors and story titles:

  • “Super Pride” by Devin Grayson, Nick Robles, Triona Farrell and Aditya Bidikar, starring Jon Kent/Superman
  • “Confessions” by Stephanie Williams, Meghan Hetrick, Marissa Louise, and Ariana Maher
  • “Special Delivery” by Travis Moore, Enrica Eren Angiolini, and Ariana Maher, starring Tim Drake
  • “Are You Ready for This?” by Danny Lore & Ivan Cohen, Brittney Williams, Enrica Eren Angiolini, and Ariana Maher
  • “A World Kept Just For Me” by Alyssa Wong, W. Scott Forbes, and Ariana Maher, starring Jackson Hyde/Aquaman
  • “The Gumshoe in Green” by Tini Howard, Evan Cagle, and Lucas Gattoni, starring Jo Mullein/Green Lantern
  • “Think of Me” by Ted Brandt & Ro Stein and Frank Cvetkovic
  • “Public Display of the Electromagnetic Spectrum” by Greg Lockard, Giulio Macaione, and Aditya Bidikar, starring The Ray
  • “The Hunt” by Dani Fernandez, Zoe Thorogood, Jeremy Lawson, and Aditya Bidikar, starring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
  • “Bat’s in the Cradle” by Stephanie Philips, Samantha Dodge, Marissa Louise, and Lucas Gattoni
  • “Up at Bat” by Jadzia Axelrod, Lynne Yoshii, Tamra Bonvillain, and Ariana Maher, starring Alysia Yeoh and Batgirl
  • “Finding Batman” by Kevin Conroy with art by J.Bone and Aditya Bidikar

Obviously, we still don’t officially know the other heroes who will be featured in DC Pride 2022, but based on the art above, Kate Kane/Batwoman, Jess Chambers/Kid Quick, and current Amazon queen Nubia will get stories. Additionally, trans actor and activist Nicole Maines — who plays Nia Nal/Dreamer, a hero adapted for the Supergirl TV series — will also be writing the intro for the anthology, with hints that Maines, who made her comics debut last year writing the character into DC’s canon, will have more projects at the publisher soon.

In addition to DC Pride, the publisher’s LGBTQIA+ celebrations also include a brand-new series titled Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, two new six-issue series starring Poison Ivy and Jess Chambers’ Kid Quick, a four-issue miniseries for Queen of the Amazon’s Nubia, and a DC Pride: Tim Drake one-shot. DC Pride 2022 will arrive on May 31. For more details, and to see some verrrrry tiny glimpses of the art, head here!

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