Ford Copies Tesla’s Gimmicky Games in the F-150 Lightning

Ford Copies Tesla’s Gimmicky Games in the F-150 Lightning

Remember when Tesla proudly showcased a suite of computer games that you could play in its cars? And remember when the NHTSA issued a warning that this could be distracting for drivers? Well, it sounds like Ford may be following Tesla’s lead and bringing games to its new electric truck – but you’ll only be able to play them when parked.

Last August, electric car maker Tesla announced it was launching a new Arcade feature on its cars. The firm proudly proclaimed that users would be able to play games like Sonic The Hedgehog and Cuphead on the enormous screens in the front of its cars.

But the rollout was marred by a report from the New York Times that quoted one Tesla Model 3 owner who found that they could play the games while driving.

This, of course, is not a safe thing to do. As a result, the NHTSA soon stepped in and ordered that Elon Musk and Tesla issue a software update to disable the ability to play games while driving.

Ford Copies Tesla’s Gimmicky Games in the F-150 Lightning
Tesla Model 3: Car or games console? (Photo: Tesla)

Obviously that is the right thing to do, as a flashing screen playing Sudoku or any other arcade classic in your eyeline isn’t the kind of thing you want to be paying attention to while driving.

So now, your Tesla only transforms into the world’s largest games console when you park up.

But soon, Tesla won’t be the only automaker to offer computer games in its cars, as the feature seems to have piqued the interest of Ford.

The Blue Oval is preparing to rollout its all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. And, ahead of its release, Darren Palmer, vice president global EV programs at Ford, has teased a glimpse of things to come in the new truck’s infotainment system.

Ford Copies Tesla’s Gimmicky Games in the F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning: Pickup truck or really, really big games console? (Photo: Ford)

In a post on LinkedIn, Palmer shared a video of someone playing a simple driving game on their truck’s infotainment system. The game is controlled by the car’s volume wheel and sees players steer a car through traffic to collect coins.

In the post, Palmer says: “Some cute little games now on the F150 Lightning. Proving a hit with my kids in final testing…”

While Tesla initially had no processes in place to make sure people weren’t gaming while driving, a Ford spokesperson has confirmed to Jalopnik that the “games are only active when the vehicle is in park.”

There is no further information on what games will be available, but we don’t have too much longer to wait as the electric F-150 is due to launch on April 26th.

But what do you think to the new wave of electric cars that come with built-in games? Is it a nice touch, or are you in a hurry to leave your car as soon as you park up, therefor in no time to play computer games?

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