Google’s Top Secret Pixel Watch ‘Leaks’ After Being Abandoned at a Restaurant

Google’s Top Secret Pixel Watch ‘Leaks’ After Being Abandoned at a Restaurant

Someone needs to remind Google employees to check their pockets before they leave a restaurant.

New leaked images and info shared with Android Central by an anonymous source show what appears to be an early version of Google’s yet to be released Pixel Watch. The watch was apparently abandoned at a U.S. restaurant for weeks.

The images show what appears to be a device with a circular watch face and two buttons surrounding a rotating physical crown. A small pinpoint sized hole, possibly used as a microphone or sensor, sits between the crown and one of the buttons. The bottom of the device meanwhile features what appears to be more sensors. The leaker claims the device “looks metallic but feels like it’s coated with glass.”

As far as dimensions go, a Redditor going by the handle tagtech414, who claims to be the same leaker who spoke to Android Central, says the device is roughly 0.5 inches thick and 1.5 inches in diameter, and about the same size as a Galaxy Watch 46mm. Tagtech414 posted an image in an effort to verify his identity as the person who shared the images with Android Central.

Though there’s no way to confidently guess an actual price point with the images provided, the device apparently didn’t feel cheap. In his Reddit post, the supposed leaker claimed the device had an Apple Watch style premium feeling to it. In addition to the device itself, the images also show a blue watchstrap reminiscent of the Apple Watch’s athletics straps. By and large, the leaked images match up with previously leaked rendered images.

Anyone looking for more details on the software side of things will have to wait, though. The supposed leaker claims he tried to turn on the device but wasn’t able to get past this grey Google icon featured below. Android Central notes this could mean the purported device doesn’t actually have an operating system on it. A charger wasn’t left with the device, but Android Central notes the device could be charged within its case like an Apple Watch.

Google’s Top Secret Pixel Watch ‘Leaks’ After Being Abandoned at a Restaurant

Google did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment on the device’s authenticity, though it’s worth noting this actually wouldn’t be the first time a Big Tech employee abandoned a key piece of prototype hardware. Back in 2010, Gizmodo discovered a then unreleased iPhone 4 left in a bar in Redwood City. There’s also a non-zero possibility Google intended for the device to make its way into the wild as a type of marketing stunt.

The supposed leaker revealed some more interesting details on how he came to obtain the device on his Reddit Ask Me Anything post. In his post, tagtech414 said the device was first discovered by his friend who works as a bartender at a restaurant. The restaurant supposedly held on to the device for several weeks, expecting its owner to return for it but clearly they never did. Tagtech414 says the device’s strap, which was photographed separately from the device, was packaged separately from the device itself. Maybe most importantly, he tried to assure readers he’s not an undercover Google employee trying to rev up the Google Pixel hype train.

“No, I don’t work for Google or any subsidiaries, and nobody is paying me to do this,” the Reddit user wrote. “Google, if you’re reading this…I have a wedding coming up and a very large guest list. Feel free to listen to the masses and drop some of that alphabet moola on me :)”