Listen to an Exclusive Excerpt From Charlie Jane Anders’ Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak

Listen to an Exclusive Excerpt From Charlie Jane Anders’ Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak

Hugo winner (and io9 co-founder!) Charlie Jane Anders — author of novels All the Birds in the Sky and The City in the Middle of the Night, short story collection Even Greater Mistakes, and writing guide Never Say You Can’t Survive, as well as one of my favourite movie reviews of all time — has another much-anticipated title out this week, and we’re thrilled to share a first listen.

Yes, we said listen! Hynden Walch (Adventure Time’s Princess Bubblegum, as well as Starfire in the Teen Titans franchise) lends her pipes to this segment of the audiobook for Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak — Anders’ sequel to her YA fantasy hit Victories Greater Than Death, and the second in the Unstoppable series.

Here’s a synopsis of Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak, followed by an excerpt from the audiobook’s first chapter.

They’ll do anything to be the people they were meant to be — even journey into the heart of evil.

Rachael Townsend is the first artist ever to leave Earth and journey out into the galaxy — but after an encounter with an alien artefact, she can’t make art at all.

Elza Monteiro is determined to be the first human to venture inside the Palace of Scented Tears and compete for the chance to become a princess — except that inside the palace, she finds the last person she ever wanted to see again.

Tina Mains is studying at the Royal Space Academy with her friends, but she’s not the badass space hero everyone was expecting.

Soon Rachael is journeying into a dark void, Elza is on a deadly spy mission, and Tina is facing an impossible choice that could change all her friends lives forever.

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Charlie Janes Anders’ Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak arrives April 5; you can order a copy here.