This Man Turned the Pokémon Blue Cartridge Into a Rug Using Pure Sorcery

This Man Turned the Pokémon Blue Cartridge Into a Rug Using Pure Sorcery

I have just watched a man create a giant Pokémon Blue Version rug in the shape of the game’s classic cartridge. I need you to see what I am seeing.

The Pokémon rug video comes from TikTok user sclass_supply, an LA-based rugmaker. Sclass specialises in geek-centric rug designs, and they all start with projecting an image of the rug’s design onto a screen. From there, sclass draws out their primary lines with a sharpie, selects their coloured thread, and uses a tufting gun to effectively colour in the rug.

@sclass_supply #pokemon blue version 😇 #tufting #rugmaking #blastoise #pokemonblue #rug ♬ original sound – S Class Supply

Sclass then uses electric rug carving scissors, and a pair of manual scissors, for cleaning up lines and edges. The result is a Pokémon Blue rug that looks shockingly like the real thing.

Look how cool that rug is. He even did the notch at the top. His video makes it look easy because it walks the viewer through the process so quickly, but it can’t have been simple. Look at the stencil sclass creates for himself. There are so many lines to follow, and such specific colours are being used here.

Sclass clearly puts a lot of effort into his work, and couples this with a lackadaisical production style. This vibe of effortless creation explains why the video is on its way to a million likes. I don’t think I could bring myself to use the finished product as an actual rug, though. It might have to go on the wall.

Not that I can buy it any longer, of course. Sclass’ rugs are all one-of-a-kind, and you’d better believe it’s already been sold.

Other works of art in sclass’ roster include this Evangelion rug, Kaneda’s bike, and this Slowpoke that speaks to my soul.

I did think I was a rug guy, but after exploring sclass’ account, I think I could be converted.

You can find out more about sclass_supply, and buy a rug, over at their store.

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