Samsung’s Pokémon-Themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is Like a Real Life Pokédex

Samsung’s Pokémon-Themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is Like a Real Life Pokédex

Move over, Thom Browne, and your stuffy leather trimmings! Samsung has a better collaboration in the wings. The Pokémon Edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is official, and it comes with a host of accessories that transform the folding phone into a bonafide Pokédex for the real world.

Where was this collaboration when the Z Flip 3 launched last summer? It’s so cute, and perfect for Pokémon Go as it somehow continues to maintain relevance 6 years after launch. The bundle includes the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in a special box with a heaping of Pokémon-themed accessories. If the default Pikachu isn’t your starter, there’s a picture case with swappable cards. (Since we’re sharing, I’m more of a Squirtle Sun with a Bulbasaur Rising.) There’s also a clear cover set, a pouch that looks like a Pokédex with a lanyard strap, a Pikachu tail keychain, and a PokéBall stand. As for the Z Flip 3 itself, it comes preloaded with Pokémon ringtones, themes, and wallpapers. (I’m curious if the interface elements will make it separately to the Galaxy Apps store, because if so, I am so on it.)

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a delightful little folding phone. It hails premium specifications and a capable camera system, and it flips down into a pocketable nubbin’. But perhaps the best part of the Z Flip 3 is that, because it’s a foldable form factor, it can better replicate a device from a beloved nerd franchise. It’s too bad Samsung didn’t think to make a case (for the phone itself) that makes the Z Flip 3 look like an actual Pokédex. Pair that with an app like DataDex and it’s like the real thing.

I am personally excited about this collaboration and what this might spell for the fourth-generation Z Flip and future branding. Pokémon has been a long-time favourite of mine, to the point that I have a themed Pop Socket to outfit every single smartphone that comes through my doors for review. Samsung has a history of launching phones with brand partnerships like Thom Browne, though they tend to relate to a more business-oriented crowd. Conversely, the Z Flip 3 has been marketed toward a younger user base from the start, so it makes sense for Samsung to lean into it fully here.

It’s also frustrating being an Android user and not having the choice of cases that iPhone users do. The other day, I was lamenting that Casetify’s latest Pokémon drop doesn’t have anything for us Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy wielders. (Though they recently added a variety of cases for the Z Flip 3 and Samsung’s other phones.)

The Pokémon collaboration appears to be limited to South Korea, and Samsung is mum on pricing. But if you’re curious and have a compatible phone number, you can sign up for a text message when the special edition Z Flip 3 goes live on Apr. 25. If you’re into Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Marvel, Samsung also offers other themed Z Flip 3 accessories in its U.S. online store.