Google and Telstra Want You to Use Augmented Reality at Marvel Stadium, You Nerds

Google and Telstra Want You to Use Augmented Reality at Marvel Stadium, You Nerds

Telstra, Google and Accenture are teaming up to build an augmented reality system at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne.

Augmented reality is one of those innovative terms that sounds really cool but not a lot of people really understand the meaning of, up there with virtual reality and mixed reality, but this seems to be a pretty decent use for it if you suck with directions.

So, basically, it’s an expansion of Google Maps’ augmented reality tools (though it could end up as a separate app), giving you in-stadium directions to your seat. Beyond this, users will apparently be able to play augmented reality games, view pre-game augmented reality content and view player analytics, all by looking at your phone screen with the came pointed forward (in the stadium, mind you).

It’s kind of an actual use case of augmented reality, giving you heads-up content that could actually matter to the user in the moment. Here, take a look at the promo video they’ve release alongside the announcement.

In the video, the man uses the camera on his smartphone to find his seats in Marvel Stadium through augmented reality (big directional arrows pointing him in the right direction, observable through the camera). He’s also able to pull up match stats by pointing the camera directly at the screen.

This is all activated, mind you, after scanning a QR code on a ticket, which tells me that this functionality could be activated by a physical prompt (which makes sense, cause the app would need to know your seats to show you to them).

Is it out yet? Well, no, the video we linked earlier on says that the app is still “in development”. Telstra says that it’s working with the AFL and Marvel Stadium to flesh it out ahead of next year’s footy season.

“We are excited by the potential of this augmented reality experience and how our leadership in 5G can accelerate growth and value creation in other industries and settings such as hospitals, shopping centres and airports to improve the customer experience,” says the Telstra Group executive of products and technology.

The app though, whatever they call it or however it turns out to be, could be an important milestone for augmented reality development, where big stadiums, venues and businesses could collaborate with augmented reality developers to build out location-specific functionality.

We’ve gotten a small taste-test of this with things like Instagram and Snapchat filters, but a use beyond goofy photos could be around the corner.

That being said, it might ruin the match experience if you constantly have your phone up, pointing straight forward at Marvel Stadium. Try to not bump into anyone or drop it.

marvel stadium augmented reality
Image: Marvel Stadium, Google, Telstra, Accenture

“Innovation and customer experience is in our DNA. Google Cloud’s technology will underpin next-generation 5G capabilities, transforming the way people interact with the physical environment around them. Not only will it make it easier to explore the grounds at Marvel Stadium, but it also has huge potential to create more immersive and interactive experiences for fans,” says Alister Dias, the vice president of Google Cloud in Australia and New Zealand.

“This is only the beginning of how cloud-powered 5G AR wayfinding solutions can be used to enhance in-person experiences for all Australians.”

If you’re interested in all of Google’s other announcements as a part of its I/O event, head over here.

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