The Boys’ Snyder Cut Parody Is So Good, I Almost Wish It Were Real

The Boys’ Snyder Cut Parody Is So Good, I Almost Wish It Were Real

Though The Boys loves to take aim at events going on in the United States and with various government figures, it is, at the end of the day, a superhero show. The superhero culture has gone through so much just in the last handful of years since the Prime Video series premiered, with one of the bigger events being the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League following a long campaign from the director’s passionate fanbase. So of course, The Boys has decided to take aim at that whole movement and event in a pretty funny parody video.

Shortly before the weekend, the Vought Corporation — the show’s in-universe version of Amazon or Disney, basically — released a trailer for the upcoming movie, Dawn of the Seven: The Bourke Cut, in case you were thinking there would be anything subtle about it. Though it’s directly poking fun at that particular DC movie, it’s definitely taking sharper jabs at the Marvel movies, from the heroes standing among the ruins of a city to ordinary civilians providing support roles. Oh, and the key to saving the day all hinging on getting to some kind of structure, something Marvel movies just love doing from time to time. (That Greg Grunberg is just in this as some guy may be the funniest bit of the entire thing.) Snyder even retweeted the trailer, congratulating “director” Adam Bourke (played by PJ Byrne) for getting a victory over the studio.

Lest you think the gag would end there, Byrne released a video thanking the fans for their dedication in bringing his vision to life. Like the trailer, this video is very committed to the bit, from Bourke calling his fans the real heroes to just recording the whole thing while driving in his car. Shame the movie itself doesn’t actually exist, but at least we’ve got character posters like the one below to give us an idea of what we’d get in another world.

The Boys returns to Prime Video with season three beginning on June 3.

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