Are You Ready for Nope? The Answer’s in the Title

Are You Ready for Nope? The Answer’s in the Title

It was less than a week ago that the big “secret” of Nope — the newest film from Get Out’s Jordan Peele — appeared in an otherwise innocuous teaser. But now, a giant new trailer for the upcoming horror/sci-fi film has dropped out of the sky, revealing a great many new things.

If you want the Maximum Jordan Peele experience, it might be for the best to turn around now and avoid watching. But if you don’t mind, then there’s a lot going on in our latest, longest look at Nope. For instance, we knew the movie seemed like it was going to star a couple of new California ranchers played by Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Black Panther) and Keke Palmer (Hustlers) who witness some… let’s just say, a lot of unexplained phenomena in the sky. But as this new trailer shows, they aren’t just completely unnerved by this extra-natural event, they also try to make a buck off it by catching it on camera?

Maybe it’s just because I was traumatized by alien movies as a kid, but my sympathy for these guys has dropped immensely once they saw an alien spaceship and then decided to stick around instead of immediately heading for the suburbs and praying the aliens decided to abduct their neighbours instead of themselves. (Hey, it worked for me.) But at least seeing the consequences of that choice should be… “fun” to watch?

Nope also stars Steven Yeun (Minari, Invincible, The Walking Dead), Barbie Ferreira (Euphoria), Brandon Perea (The OA), and Michael Wincott (The Crow). It arrives in theatres on July 22.

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