If Joker 2’s Doing It, What Other Superhero Should Get a Musical Movie?

If Joker 2’s Doing It, What Other Superhero Should Get a Musical Movie?

The superhero genre has been trying its hand at various different tones in recent years, but the upcoming Joker sequel is really swinging for the fences. Yesterday evening saw the surprising news that Joker: Folie à deux won’t just be casting Lady Gaga in a role that’s probably his most notable gal pal Harley Quinn, it’ll also reportedly be a musical! Yes, for real!

Superheroes and musicals don’t exactly have a winning track record, at least in the real world. Though there were a handful some decades back, the phrase “superhero musical” will more often than not conjure images of those musical episodes of The Flash and Batman: The Brave & the Bold. And if it isn’t those, it’ll be Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and one hardly needs to go on at that point. A Joker sequel was already going to draw attention, for better or worse, but making this movie a musical? It’ll be an interesting experiment, if nothing else, and will have won some points for originality, simply because no one’s ever done a superhero flick like this before. Since musicals are doing pretty well at the box office whenever they come out, it feels like the perfect time to see what happens when one extremely melodramatic genre collides with another.

Back in 2020, we gave our suggestions for comic book movie stars who should headline musicals. This time, we wanna know what comic book character you think would be great for a musical. The most obvious one, at least to me, would be the Inhumans: after all, if your main character is a guy who can’t speak, lest his voice destroy anything in its path, why not have that be the big hook before letting him deliver a mind-blowing solo at the very end? Beyond them, the Teen Titans would be a good fit, since the cartoons have already proven that repeatedly over the last several years. Maybe Jack Kirby’s Fourth World?

Let us know what superheroes (or villains!) you think are musical material in the comments below.

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