Paper Girls’ First Trailer Blasts From the Past to the Future

Paper Girls’ First Trailer Blasts From the Past to the Future

Prime Video’s Paper Girls adaptation for Amazon just dropped a trailer that makes the beloved characters from Saga’s Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang’s critically acclaimed graphic novel series jump right out of the comics and onto our screens.

It’s eerie how these perfectly cast teens look and sound exactly like what you’d imagine the Paper Girls to be. The show stars Riley Lai Nelet as Erin Tang, Sofia Rosinsky as Mac Coyle, Camryn Jones as Tiffany Quilkin, and Fina Strazza as KJ Brandman. It joins the streamers slate of comic book adaptations alongside The Boys and Invincible — watch the teaser below!

The time-travel mystery brings together four girls on a fateful morning after Halloween and transports them to the recent past of 2019. I’m impressed by how the young cast embodies the bold spunk of the teen girls from the eighties. They already believable as the misfit squad who have to face the surreal nature of being chased by far future enemies in a time that’s not their own. Thankfully they encounter adult Erin, played by Ali Wong who makes the energy of the character her own by imbuing a stronger and sharper take on what was presented in the comics.

Combining a coming of age story with sci-fi genre fare makes for an exciting first look. We dig the vibe that fits alongside popular shows like Stranger Things and Yellowjackets. Worth mentioning, however the Image comic predates both shows and ran from 2015-2019 and centered around the motley crew of bike riding Paper Girls who get thrust throughout time in a war between two time-travelling factions. The Old-Timers” led by a mysterious leader, who are hot on the trail of our girls. They also encounter a faction of future teens who they need to determine if they can trust, which is hard when they unleash some cronenberg bug action on one of the girls. The show also features Nate Corddry as a stranger they meet on their journey.

Quick alliances and friendships have to form for any chance or survival for the Paper Girls. We love to see the fate of humanity rest in the hands of teen girls. They’re our only hope.

Paper Girls begins streaming July 29 on Prime Video.

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