Logitech G Gives Women Gamers What They Want: Pastel Accessories

Logitech G Gives Women Gamers What They Want: Pastel Accessories

Logitech G has announced a new set of gaming peripherals targeted directly at women. It’s called the Aurora Collection and it’s very white and pastel.

According to Logitech G, the Aurora Collection has been designed to be gender inclusive, not gender exclusive, “addressing the needs and wants of women gamers while also appealing to all gamers who are looking for a playful design and curated experience”. 

During a briefing on the collection, Logitech said: “We believe that play should be for all, but the world of gaming is not as inclusive as it should be. Trolls are real, gender discrimination is apparent and most gear is designed for a stereotypical type of performance-driven gamer. So for us to deliver on our commitment of advancing play for all, we need to acknowledge the changing faces of the community, we need to rethink our design practices, and reimagine our product experiences”.

And that is how Logitech G decided white and pastel, and some smaller, more soft equipment was exactly what would solve gender disparity in gaming. With 90 per cent of my wardrobe being black, pastels and brighter colours aren’t exactly my aesthetic. But they might be yours and the Aurora Collection is actually quite cute, comments and jokes aside. Let’s take a closer look.

What’s included in the Logitech G Aurora Collection?

Logitech G vice president and general manager Ujesh Desai said with the Aurora Collection, the company has “created a gender-inclusive collection centred around comfort, approachability and playfulness” that supports Logitech’s commitment to “enabling everyone to experience the joy of play.”

Here’s what that looks like.

G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech Aurora Collection
G735 Wireless Gaming Headset. Image: Logitech G

First up in the Aurora Collection, we get a little bit of a smaller headset than the usual ones from Logitech. The G735 wireless gaming headset has a ‘white mist’ finish, RGB lighting and on-ear dual-audio mixing. G735 is the first Logitech G headset with the new Blue VO!CE microphone technology features that aim to modulate a player’s voice and have the ability to save preferred audio settings in G Hub and directly on the headset. If used without the lighting, the G735s will give you 56+ hours of battery life (~16 hours if you use the lighting). The headset weighs 260 grams, has a 40 mm driver and charges via USB-C. 

The G735 wireless gaming headset will set you back RRP $399.95.

Earpads are available in Pink Dawn and Green Flash, but they are sold separately.

Logitech Aurora Collection
Image: Logitech G

G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Logitech Aurora Collection
G715 wireless gaming keyboard. Image: Logitech G

Logitech touts the G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard as a comfy keyboard that delivers “low-key vibes with high-key performance”. It has a white finish, with a cloud palm rest that I cannot wait to get food, makeup and pen stains all over. One of the headliners of the Aurora Collection, the Logitech G715 keyboard is height adjustable, and you can choose from tactile, linear or clicky switches. It of course also boasts lightsync RGB.

The G715 wireless keyboard will set you back RRP $349.95.

You can also switch out the top plate and key caps with two colours available: Pink Dawn and Green Flash. They are sold separately, though. 

Logitech Aurora Collection
Pink Dawn and Green Flash top plates. Image: Logitech G

G713 Gaming Keyboard

G713 Gaming Keyboard. Image: Logitech G

Also part of the Aurora Collection, the G713 gaming keyboard is a compact keyboard that delivers “low-key vibes with high-key performance”. It really does give out those super satisfying mechanical GX switches sound. As it isn’t wireless, the G713 is ‘always on’, allowing you to run your RGB lights until your heart’s content. The G713 measures 370.6 mm x 157 mm x 37.2mm, weighs 962.5g (with cable) and is compatible with Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.15 or later, iPadOS 13.4 or later and iOS 14 or later.

You can also switch out the top plate and key caps with two colours available: Pink Dawn and Green Flash. Just like with the G715, they are sold separately. 

The G713 gaming Keyboard will set you back RRP $269.95.

G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse

G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Image: Logitech G

Next up in the Aurora Collection is the G705 wireless gaming mouse, which has been made for smaller hands. It even has a sculpted thumb rest that I can reach. Logitech said it boasts a “compact, contoured fit” but it also packs some “advanced gaming technology” (which includes a gaming-grade sensor, ultra-responsive ‘Lightspeed’ wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and an easy-reach DPI-cycling button). The mouse has six programmable buttons in total. It measures 39.4 mm x 68.1 mm x 105.8mm, weighs 85 grams and has a 40-hour battery life, even if you’re using the lightsync RGB lighting.

The G705 wireless gaming mouse will set you back RRP $149.95.

Mousepad is sold separately. 

Image: Logitech G

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Blue Yeti USB microphone for the Aurora Collection. Image: Logitech G

Available in Pink Dawn and White Mist, the special edition Yeti premium USB mic is meant to complement the rest of the kit in Logitech G’s Aurora Collection. The mic measures 120 mm x 125 mm x 295 mm and weighs 550 grams (1.5 kg when you add the stand).

The Blue Yeti USB microphone for the Aurora Collection will set you back RRP $199.95.

Stay tuned for our review, where I put the Logitech G Aurora Collection through the makeup test because I’m not yet convinced white and pastel was the best move.