The Walking Dead Anthology Show Looks… Kind of Great?

The Walking Dead Anthology Show Looks… Kind of Great?

With The Walking Dead coming to an end in the next few months, it’s natural to wonder if it can sustain. We know about the spinoffs, the potential movie, all that stuff, but will audiences still show up and get excited for the popular zombie franchise? The answer could be yes, if half of it lives up to the teaser below.

For months we’ve been hearing about Tales of the Walking Dead, the upcoming anthology show that gives the creators of the franchise chances to tell unique stories that aren’t beholden to the other narratives. It’s the same zombie-infested world, but separate stories and characters each week, played by many massive stars.

Part of the excitement has to be from that cast. Even just in the trailer you see Parker Posey, Jillian Bell, Anthony Edwards, Poppy Liu, Olivia Munn, Terry Crews, and yes, even Samantha Morton. That last one is important because Morton was Alpha on the main Walking Dead and here, we’ll get to see where she came from in more detail. But the other stories don’t seem to have any real connection to that main story. It’s all just people in this world.

For example, the Posey/Bell episode is called “Blair / Gina” and it’s described as such: “It’s the onslaught of the apocalypse in Atlanta, Georgia, 2010. As everyday people try to understand the bizarre events unfolding around them, it’s anything but business as usual at the Circle of Trust Insurance Company. Blair (Posey) and Gina (Bell), two co-workers who despise each other, are relentlessly confronted with life-threatening choices that make them question whom they want to be at the end of the world.”

The Edwards/Liu episode is called “Amy/Dr. Everett” and is described by AMC like this: “Years into the apocalypse, nature has consumed much of the world as we once knew it, and yet, humans endeavour to survive. Naturalist Dr. Chauncey Everett (Edwards) has spent the last decade in voluntary isolation; however, when Amy (Liu), an extroverted survivor, knowingly crosses into no man’s land, Dr. Everett’s own humanity is put into question.”

And that’s just two of the six planned episodes.

We’ll learn more about Tales when the show comes to San Diego Comic-Con next week but it debuts August 14 on AMC. The first two episodes will go on AMC+ that night and then subsequent episodes will stream a week early, beginning August 21.

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