All 56 Targaryen Names, Ranked

All 56 Targaryen Names, Ranked

The branches of the Targaryen family tree stretch far beyond the Game of Thrones TV franchise. In fact, if you look to George R.R. Martin’s original Song of Ice and Fire novels — including Fire and Blood, upon which House of the Dragon is based — there are more than 50 named Targaryens mentioned throughout Westerosi history. They all have two things in common: platinum blond hair and an abundance of ae’s and y’s in their names. Now, with scientific methods far too scientific to explain, I have ranked all of them solely by their names, not by their characters, according to their greatness — and thus beginning with the most unfortunately named Targaryen of them all.

56) Aenys

55) Duncan

54) Aerea

53) Gaemon

52) Maegelle

51) Saera

50) Aelyx

49) Daena

48) Alyssa

47) Daella

46) Daenys

45) Aemond

44) Rhaegel

43) Daemion

42) Baela

41) Naerys

40) Daeron

39) Vaella

38) Rhae

37) Aelor

36) Daenora

35) Maegon

34) Rhaenys

32) Rhaella

32) Rhaelle (tie)

31) Maegon

30) Gael

29) Visenya

28) Shaena

27) Aenar

26) Elaena

25) Maelor

24) Matarys

23) Rhaenyra

22) Aelora

21) Vaegon

20) Alysanne

19) Aemon

18) Viserra

17) Helaena

16) Valarr

15) Aerion

14) Rhaena

13) Maekar

12) Baelor

11) Viserys

10) Daemon

9) Shaera

8) Valerion

7) Jaehaerys

6) Rhaegar

5) Baelon

4) Aerys

3) Daenerys

2) Maegor

1) Aegon

With only one episode down, this war hasn’t even truly begun yet but is on the way, and when it comes it will be here for a while, apparently. Game of Thrones: Oops, All Targaryens! — er, House of the Dragon — airs Sundays on HBO Max.

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