Cobra Kai Season 5’s First Trailer Teases a Brewing Karate War

Cobra Kai Season 5’s First Trailer Teases a Brewing Karate War

One of the reasons I love Cobra Kai so much is because every season it does things I’d always imagined growing up, but never thought I’d see. For example, as a huge Karate Kid fan, I always wondered what might happen if the “bad guys” from the first two films, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), teamed up together. Could they then, finally, defeat Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio)?

Well, as you can see in the first full trailer for Cobra Kai season 5, Johnny and Chozen do team up this year. It’s a Karate Kid fan’s dream come true. Only, they’re not fighting against Daniel. They’re fighting with Daniel. And they’re all going against the former villain of the third film, current villain on the show Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). But that’s just the start of where the latest season of Cobra Kai is going. Check out the season’s first trailer.

Noticeably absent in that trailer is Mike Barnes, played by Sean Kanan. The first images from the season revealed that the other evil presence in The Karate Kid Part III was appearing this season, nearly completing the full complement of major cameos from the original films. (Hilary Swank, when?) You’d assume he would still be in bed with Silver but, don’t forget, he did let Silver down all those years ago.

Even without Barnes though, you see that Cobra Kai is growing at an alarming rate, Johnny is struggling to make ends meet, Daniel has shut down Miyagi-Do and the kids are, as always, at each other’s throats. Even the framed sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) gets a little love at the end there.

How will it all tie together? We’ll find out on September 9 when Cobra Kai season 5 debuts on Netflix.

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