Days Gone May Be Getting a Movie, Still No Sequel

Days Gone May Be Getting a Movie, Still No Sequel

If you play video games and own a PlayStation (or a PC), you may remember Days Gone, a 2019 game from Sony Bend where you played a biker fighting hordes of zombies in Oregon. Even with a mixed reception at launch, the game went on to sell several million copies in its lifetime, but not enough for Sony to approve a sequel. Lest you think the adventures of Deacon St. John are at a premature end, it may soon be coming to a theatre near you, if Sony’s got anything to say about it.

Per Deadline, the game is receiving a live-action film treatment. While a director hasn’t been roped in, the film has a writer in the form of Up in the Air’s Sheldon Turner, and a potential star in Outlander’s Sam Heughan. Deadline’s described Turner’s script as a “love ballad to motorcycle movies,” and given that Deacon’s motorcycle was such a key mechanic in the game, you can’t say it doesn’t make sense.

Sony’s been on a real kick with bringing its first-party games to TV and film. Several of their big IP within the last few years, such as God of War, Horizon, and Ghost of Tsushima, are set to get live-action adaptations. With how much those franchises crib from Hollywood in the first place, and pretty openly at that, it certainly feels weird forking over $US70 ($97) to play something that’ll probably wind up on Netflix in about four years.

Maybe it’ll work out in Days Gone’s case, though. Since audiences really take to zombies in TV and film, that may wind up giving it an edge over its fellow PlayStation blockbuster brethren. And who knows, mayhaps the interest in the film, should it come to fruition, will be enough to get a Days Gone 2 in players’ hands. Sometimes, good things come to those who wait.

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