Mercedes-Benz’s Electric Tractor Trailer Can Do 500 KM on a Charge

Mercedes-Benz’s Electric Tractor Trailer Can Do 500 KM on a Charge

Mercedes makes some pretty impressive electric vehicles right now. The porpoise-esque EQS sedan is packed with futuristic tech and its EQXX concept promises an almighty 1,207 km of range. Now, the company has turned its hand to cleaning up long-haul trucking with a new all-electric tractor-trailer rig that can cover 499 km on a single charge.

Dubbed the Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul, the prototype EV was unveiled by the firm’s trucking arm this week.

It’s set to undergo testing around the world soon, where its massive 600-kWh battery pack will be put to the test lugging around all manner of goods. That impressive battery is paired with twin electric motors, which Mercedes says can generate a continuous output of 400 kW (roughly 544 hp) and a peak output of more than 600 kW, or around 815 hp.

That output can continue for “around 500 kilometers on a single battery charge” according to Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz’s Electric Tractor Trailer Can Do 500 KM on a Charge
Even long-haul trucks get the obligatory EV LEDs. (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

That impressive range is paired with an equally impressive charging speed. Mercedes claims that the batteries in the eActros LongHaul can be charged from 20 to 80 per cent in “well under 30 minutes” when you connect to a charging station with an output of “about one megawatt.” That’s equivalent to adding about an extra 290 km of range in the time it takes me to drink a cup of coffee.

What’s more, Mercedes is also investigating electrified trailers to boost truck range even further. It cites companies such as Trailer Dynamics and Krone, which have developed trailers that carry their own batteries and electric motors to share some of the work with the tractor. With a self-propelled trailer in tow, Mercedes claims the eActros LongHaul could offer “ranges of more than 800 kilometers,” which is almost 805 km.

Mercedes-Benz’s Electric Tractor Trailer Can Do 500 KM on a Charge
Truck yeah! (Photo: Mercedes-Benz)

As well as improving the tech built into its trucks, Mercedes has also committed to improving the charging infrastructure for heavy-duty EVs. The company has entered into a partnership with Volvo and the Traton Group to install and operate high-performance chargers for heavy-duty trucks and buses across Europe. Chargers installed under the new alliance will be open to all heavy commercial vehicles in Europe, regardless of brand.

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