Squid Game’s Future May Involve Leonardo DiCaprio, Which Feels Weird

Squid Game’s Future May Involve Leonardo DiCaprio, Which Feels Weird

Squid Game was a massive hit when it first premiered in 2021, and it’s gone on to win various awards and acclaim throughout this current awards season. Even though the second season is some ways off, there exists the question of how long the show will run, and what it can do to top itself with future seasons. And part of that potential future may be…bringing in actors from the west?

At a recent Netflix press event in Seoul, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk addressed a question about if Hollywood actors would appear, and to this, he said: “There will be no known Hollywood actor in Season 2…it’s still set in Korea.” However, to go along with that, Dong-hyuk added that he knows Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of the show, and said it wasn’t off the table for a hypothetical third season. “Maybe if time or chances allow, we can ask [Leo] to join the games.”

Part of what made the original Squid Game take off was its cast of actors who much of the west hadn’t heard of before. Bringing Hollywood actors into the show feels like it would create a bit of a disconnect, like when you see an actor doing ads for a different country. It could still work, especially depending on which actors they get and the context of their inclusion, but their appearance still runs the risk of ruining the immersion and tension of people playing childhood games for cash and getting shot when they lose. Much like with Netflix’s upcoming reality game show based on the series, the idea of seeing known western faces in this show feels a little off.

Squid Game will return for season 2 in 2024.

[via Variety]

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