Tatiana Maslany Twerking Behind the Scenes of She-Hulk Is a Delight

Tatiana Maslany Twerking Behind the Scenes of She-Hulk Is a Delight

Ah, I believe it was that wise old philosopher Garfield the cat who called Labour Day the time we “celebrate work by playing all day.” So let us celebrate twerk as well, and take a moment to enjoy these utterly delightful photos of Tatiana Maslany, pre-CG, twerking with Megan Thee Stallion on last week’s episode of She-Hulk.

There’s already a lot to love about the scene, especially since Megan Thee Stallion said “Shooting this scene was a BLAST” on her Instagram, and that Maslany herself is such a real-life fan that it’s very possible she would kill someone at Megan Thee Stallion’s request, just as She-Hulk herself said. Meanwhile, co-star Jameela Jamil was the one who managed to get the rapper on the show, thanks to their friendship formed when they were judges on the HBO Max show Legendary… which means Jamil was on-set when Megan and Maslany shot the scene together… and she took pictures.

There are only two, which are far too few, but they are joy itself:

The photos show Maslany in her motion-capture rig, standing atop what looks like a (hastily made?) stand to bring the actor to She-Hulk’s height. They reveal more footage was shot for the scene, including Maslany miming raining dollar bills on the rapper and what appears to be… I have no idea, but it’s wonderful.

I would be surprised if Marvel Studios has actually finished the FX for the shots, but I would like to make a plaintive cry. Mr. Feige, we live in a world where Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released. I beg you to consider releasing a revised version of the episode — or just a video every single second of footage of She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion dancing together. Or don’t add the FX and just give the world the gift of watching Maslany shake her thang. It’s a dark world, Mr. Feige. But you hold in your hands the butt cheeks to make it brighter.

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