Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Happy Monday, hope you’re doing OK. To get your week started, we’ve rounded up a few things happening in the tech world you should be across.


1. A second failed launch attempt for NASA

A serious and unmanageable hydrogen leak prevented NASA from launching its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket on Sunday. The latest attempt (after first launch was scrubbed on Monday night) to launch the 32-storey-tall SLS rocket and its Orion capsule was cancelled after repeated failed attempts by technicians to fix a leak of super-cooled liquid hydrogen propellant being pumped into the vehicle’s core-stage fuel tanks. Keep up to date with the mission over here.

2. Samsung data breach reveals names and contact details of some customers

Samsung over the weekend published a statement that confirmed a ‘cybersecurity incident’ had affected some customer information. It said the incident occurred in late July 2022 and saw an unauthorised third party acquire information from some of Samsung’s U.S. systems. Information believed to have been caught up in the breach included name, contact and demographic information, date of birth and product registration information.

3. 14-year-old kid cracks intelligence code

Last week, we brought you news that the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) had released 50-cent coins with a secret code hidden in plain sight to crack. Well, on late Friday afternoon, the ABC reported that a 14-year-old boy had cracked four levels of code imprinted on one of the commemorative coins. ASD director-general Rachel Noble said she was keen to meet the kid from Tassie to, you know, recruit him. What a legend.

4. Cloudflare blocks Kiwi Farms

On Friday, we reported that web hosting and internet security company Cloudflare had responded to calls to drop Kiwi Farms, a website caught up in some pretty bad things. Over the weekend, Cloudflare finally gave in to calls for the site to be blocked and “due to an imminent and emergency threat to human life”, Kiwi Farms was dropped.

5. NBN Co looking to innovate, maybe

iTnews is reporting that NBN Co has given a strong indication that it intends to build a ‘digital twin’ of its network. As the publication explains, digital twins, virtual replicas of the physical world, have become popular ways to simulate the production impact of new ideas or systems. Details from the company rolling out the National Broadband Network are scant to say the least, but digital twins are usually used to unleash a tonne of innovation and test capabilities without disrupting the main system.

BONUS ITEM: Happy NRL footy finals to those who observe.

Have a lovely day.

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