Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means? It means there’s some tech news to catch up on.


1. An Uber Eats delivery robot crashed a crime scene

One of Uber’s self-driving food delivery robots did not take kindly to the yellow caution tape surrounding a crime scene in Los Angeles as it ploughed through the area, according to a video shared on Twitter. The robot is a piece of machinery from Serve Robotics, which is a subsidiary of Uber created in 2021 from the company’s acquisition of Postmates the year prior. He does not abide by human laws.

2. Even Aussie banks aren’t immune to Web3

ANZ bank has said its customers are keen to transact in the completely tangible and logical metaverse. According to iTnews, while the blue bank has some “really key questions” to consider before it dives in to the nascent space, it considers it an opportunity to find a business model “that makes sense”. Thankfully, ANZ reckons the hype around the metaverse will flatten soon. We can only dream.

3. GoPro is back with the Hero 11 Black

GoPro’s Hero 11 Black is here, bringing with it not just a generational tech upgrade, but also new features like auto-highlight reels, which should make capturing great looking footage easier than ever before. Under the hood, the most prominent change to the GoPro Hero 11 Black is that it’s now rocking a new sensor that opens up an 8:7 aspect ratio option, whereas the 10 Black only recorded in 16:9 and 4:3. 8:7 lets you capture more of what’s in front of you. Read our review over here.

4. NASA’s DART is about to do its thing

In order to protect the Earth, some sacrifices must be made. NASA’s DART spacecraft is currently on its way to a binary asteroid system known as Didymos and will essentially crash into one tiny asteroid to test out a deflection method. But rather than leaving behind an impact crater as initially intended, the DART spacecraft may actually deform the mini-moon, making it nearly unrecognisable. While we learned about this in November, NASA’s DART spacecraft is all set for crash.

5. South Korea hits Google & Meta with beefy fines over privacy

Google and Meta have yet another privacy regulator breathing down their necks and scrutinising their advertisement business. South Korean regulators fined the two companies more than $105 million collectively for collecting users’ personal information without their consent and then using that information to serve them, you guessed it, targeted ads.

BONUS ITEM: A little PSA for our NSW friends out there.

Have a good one.

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