This Drone Flight Through Chicago’s Wrigley Field Will Make Anyone a Cubs Fan

This Drone Flight Through Chicago’s Wrigley Field Will Make Anyone a Cubs Fan

Last year, a video of a drone zipping through a bowling alley and squeezing its way into places you never thought a drone could fly, captivated the internet’s attention. The talented team behind that video is back with another unbelievable flight video providing a behind-the-scenes look at Wrigley Field and the surrounding neighbourhood. Buckle up!

It doesn’t matter where your major league baseball allegiances may lie, it’s impossible not to appreciate what the Chicago Cubs had to elaborately orchestrate to make this video possible. The drone’s flight starts by following one of Chicago’s iconic “L” trains before dipping down and flying through Murphy’s Bleachers sports pub, around the surrounding neighbourhood, right through the cab of a firetruck, and then over some pre-game festivities before entering Wrigley Field.

The tour continues on in the ballpark itself, inside the scoreboard, and even right through the Cubs’ Clubhouse and back offices before following players back out onto the field. The video was created by Sky Candy Studios, whose Instagram account credits Michael Welsh for the incredible drone piloting. Was it all shot in one take? Probably not given some parts of the four-minute video show the stands empty, while it ends with what appears to be a full house on game day. Does that make it any less impressive? Of course not.

We’ve reached out to Sky Candy Studios inquiring about what type of drone and camera was used to film this video, but when sharing this video through its Instagram account, the studio calls out both action cam maker GoPro, and Rotor Riot, a company that builds and sells a variety of different drones, including FPV and cinewhoops, which are small enough to navigate incredibly tight spaces but manoeuvrable enough to capture incredible footage like this.

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