Cult-Beloved Animated Series Clone High Returns in 2023

Cult-Beloved Animated Series Clone High Returns in 2023

It will have taken two decades, but next year the clones will attack. No, not those clones. The clones of Clone High, the MTV animated show created by Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence.

A few years back, news broke that the show, which follows clones of famous historical figures in a modern high school, would soon be reimagined by original writer Erica Rivinoja. She, along with Lawrence, Lord, and Miller, were set to once again “follow prominent historical figures who have been cloned and placed back in high school, including Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, John F. Kennedy, and more, as they face the trials and tribulations of normal teenage life.”

That was 2020 though. Since then, we hadn’t heard much — but this week, Lord and Miller went on Twitter to reveal that the show will debut on HBO Max next year, 20 years after the original went off the air. Here’s Lord:

And here’s Miller:

While a show going off the air can sometimes be a nail in the coffin of certain careers, Clone High was the opposite for its creators. Lord and Miller went on to Hollywood mega-stardom, directing The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street films while producing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (along with its upcoming sequels) and much more. Lawrence has also been a mainstay on television, most recently co-creating a little show by the name of Ted Lasso.

This time around, Rivinoja is the showrunner and she’s written the pilot with Lord and Miller. And it seems like the perfect time to do so. In 2002, Clone High was a show not many people watched made by creative talents who hadn’t established themselves yet. Now, they have, and we’d imagine it’ll find a whole new audience.

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