Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Will Have a Lot of Riker

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Will Have a Lot of Riker

Chris McQuarrie talks about naming the next Mission: Impossible. A Cosmology of Monsters is being turned into a show. James Gunn drops the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’s soundtrack. Plus, what’s coming on Doom Patrol season 4. Spoilers now!

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Will Have a Lot of Riker


Deadline reports Caitlin Cronenberg (daughter of David and sister of Brandon) will make her directorial debut with Humane, an “environment-themed thriller” starring Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, Peter Gallagher, Sebastian Chacon, Alanna Bale, and Sirena Gulamgaus. Said to “take place over a single day months after a global environmental collapse has forced world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce the earth’s population,” the story follows a recently retired newsman who “invites his four grown children to dinner to announce his intentions to enlist in the nation’s new euthanasia program. But when the father’s plan goes horribly awry, tensions flare and chaos erupts among his children.”

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Phil Lord revealed Across the Spider-Verse boasts six dominant animation styles in a recent interview with Empire.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning

Christopher McQuarrie also revealed to the magazine why the new Mission: Impossible movie is titled Dead Reckoning.

’Dead reckoning’ is a navigational term. It means you’re picking a course based solely on your last known position and that becomes quite the metaphor not only for Ethan, but several characters…


The Devil Conspiracy

Elsewhere, a Satanic biotech company plans to clone Jesus Christ so they can sacrifice him to the devil in the trailer for The Devil Conspiracy.

A Cosmology of Monsters

According to Deadline, Caitlin D. Fryers (Wyonna Earp) is developing a television series based on Shaun Hamill’s novel A Cosmology of Monsters at Saloon Media. Described as an “elevated family drama,” the series will focus on the Turners who “operate an immersive haunted house experience but begin to realise real monsters are at their door.”

Star Trek: Picard

During a recent interview with Trek Movie, Jonathan Frakes confirmed William Riker appears in all 10 episodes of Star Trek: Picard’s final season.

Ten Rikers! There is one episode where I only have a brief scene, but I’m in all ten. Terry [Matalas] came to me during season 2 and he said, “How do you feel about playing a lot of Riker?” I had already done it in season 1 and said, “Yeah, I’m psyched. I’m looking forward to it.” I had no idea he meant like full Riker [laughs]. But I got to say, it was a blast. It was a blast to work with Patrick [Stewart] again, as an actor. It was kind of emotional. And I had great stuff with Marina [Sirtis] again, who I adore. It was all I could have hoped for and I think the fans are going to go cuckoo. I think season three is going to crush. I had plenty of good Riker stuff during seven years and certainly on First Contact, but the Riker stuff [Terry Matalas] wrote for the character is denser and more interesting. It has a greater sense of irony. There’s a lot of levity. I mean, he just gets the characters in such a positive way.

Later in the interview, Frakes stated the season feels “much more exciting” than Star Trek: Nemesis, but sees it as a way of “moving forward” rather than a definitive farewell to the Next Generation crew.

It is much more exciting for us collectively than Nemesis was. But it doesn’t feel so much as an ending as the possibility of moving forward. I think there’s a future.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

James Gunn shared the official track list for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special soundtrack on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Drax and Mantis steal Christmas ornaments from Kevin Bacon in a new clip.

Star Trek: Prodigy

The crew meets a “rogue geneticist” from the Neutral Zone in the synopsis for “Masquerade,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Prodigy.

Trapped in the Neutral Zone, the crew encounters a rogue geneticist who sheds light on Dal’s past.

Written By: Nikhil S. Jayaram

Directed By: Sung Shin

[Spoiler TV]

The Santa Clauses

Scott meets his multiversal counterparts in the synopsis for “Across the Yule-Verse,” the fifth episode of The Santa Clauses.

Scott is taken to the Yule-verse where he learns the truth about how he came to be Santa. Meanwhile things at the North Pole get worse as more elves disappear and Christmas spirit is all but destroyed. Scott returns from the Yule-verse and, with Noel, heads back to the North Pole to save Christmas. Before he can, he is quickly captured by Simon. Carol, Cal and Sandra race back to the North Pole to help Scott.

[Spoiler TV]

The Mighty Ones

The Mighty Ones returns for its final season December 9 on Hulu and Peacock.


Devon and Jake spend the holidays with Lexy in new clips from the season finale of Chucky.

Doom Patrol

Finally, the Doom Patrol must save the world from Immortus in the trailer for their fourth season, premiering December 8 on HBO Max.

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